Saturday, October 23, 2010



I have been having a lovely day the husband an i have spent all day together which makes a change because he is usually out doing jobs, so i am just thinking to myself what we should be doing as we are together at the same time in the same place is laying out side in the pool and in the sun,......Ok Ok i know i can hear you ......but you don't like the heat ! and yes you are right i don't, but in saying that i don't mind a little bit, so i said to him a minute you know what we should be doing, whats that petal he says..............We should be in the pool and laying out in the sun for a bit..............

He goes in the loo and when he comes out he Say's.................I am just going up to number what ever it was,........what for says I.........well its the place that so and so has just moved out of and his kid has still got a key and he might go up there with his mates
So said I..........whats it got to do with you, Well P ( the women he does odd jobs for ) asked me to go and fit a new lock on the door, ........well it can wait till Monday i said what would she do if we had been out today ( which we usually are )  he started humming and haring so i said oh go on them F off and do it you have spoiled the mood here now i was enjoying just spending the day together which we hardly ever do
So then he puts on his hoity toity voice ( you know the one he uses when he knows he is wrong ) no no he Say's it can wait, so then i started again only this time i shouted.............SO WHY DID YOU MAKE IT SOUND LIKE IT WAS AN EMERGANCY AND HAD TO BE DONE RIGHT NOW........he didn't answer

I have realized that he finds it very hard to just relax he has to feel he has to feel that he is needed 24-7................I expect his mother used to make him feel guilty if he wasn't doing something she was like that.

To be cont :


  1. Lo, how did you change your background? I've been wanting to do this, so pretty and Fallish.Men, who can figure them out. My youngest son told me one time that he felt guilty if he wasn't working, don't know why. Some men are workaholics.

  2. Men I think believe their presence no matter how long is being with the woman. Hmm. Maybe you should make a to do list for him and the first thing is to take you out to eat!! Have ah good day my friend even though ;-)

  3. Hi Lo, Men can be such a pain, just let him get on with it.
    I've re-sent you an email telling you how to put up a Guest book, Yours still doesn't work I told uyou about making sure you accept comments.