Tuesday, October 26, 2010



Why oh why do some of these star insisted on putting botox in their faces, it looks so ridiculous, ( I don't think our American friends will know who i am talking about ) but the other evening on the one show on BBC1 was Felicity Kendal, her neck hands and arms were all wrinkly well she is over 60, but he face was so tight with botox that she couldn't even smile, at one point she frowned ( well i think that's what she tried to do ) and it just wouldn't happen, when she tried to smile it looked like she was constipated
It is the same with some of these American stars what on earth makes them think that we are all stupid enough to think that we have all got older and they have stayed as they were when they had their day, i find it really sad that they are so vain
I was glad to see that Tom Jones has finally stopped having his hair died  he is still a dish even though he has gone a nice silver colour

Well thats my moan for today, and oh by the way Toodie if you are reading this maybe your trees need a hug, and i tryed to find somewhere to write a comment on your blog but it seems to have gone

To be cont :

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  1. Well nobody in here, I think as human been has chanaged their face and body shape it most of everything as they can do to better looking sexey..
    but as you said their neck and hand are can't changed.