Tuesday, October 5, 2010



I am so confused and i am finding it very hard to find my way round this site, WLS was so easy and if They are closing it and forcing us to go else where why don't they make it easy, we are not all young computer boffs, so far i am not at all impressed and i feel like a billy no mates because i am not getting any feed back

I would also like to see other peoples blogs how the hell do you do that ?

To be cont :....I hope


  1. Click on mine when you get my comment and when you get my blogspot, look in the upper left corner and click 'follow'. And you can also click on my followers and see their page and follow them. This is how I got started. I hope I helped. I tried to email you and it said it was wrong email address.

  2. Hi Lorraine I see Gr Gran has managed to give you some advice, I just caught your email follow up and came on here to try and help out, I also see that she commented earlier about going into design, well go on, try it, you just experiment, but don't clik save unless you're happy, I haven't done clocks and things as I haven't had time and not really bothered right now, but by all means just do it. I think we;ll all be comfortable here one day, I just hope they don't decide to pull the plug on us like WLS. now that would be a tragedy. When you go to other people's sites like mine of grgrans clik on the profile of other people who have left comments, and hopefully they will reply and add them as a friend and also as GRGran sys just clik follow. hope this helps, keep in touch