Friday, October 22, 2010



Now those that have followed my blog from WLS will know that Friday is a work day for me i am in the salon until about 1.15, then i go shopping and then i am free for the weekend

So the husband peeps his head round the salon door and Say's....when you are finished will you help me move a car, yes Say's I.....let me explain what he means about " moving a car "
You see one of the jobs he does here is to fix peoples cars, he doesn't do anything heavy now just little jobs like new plugs,fix a broken door handle, do an oil change do the breaks...i think you get the message, now if the job is a big job that needs the shop ( garage ) to do it because the husband does not now day's have the heavy machines that are sometimes used ( don't ask i am a hairdresser not a mechanic ) anyway what i do is take him to get said car from where it is and then follow him to the Garage and then bring him back, then we repeat it when the car is done, take him to get car follow him to where he picked up car bring him back,

So when i have finished my morning lady's i take him to get car.....Now he knows where we are going and i don't, I say ....where are we going then and he names the place,......Fine i know where that is, but i don't know the names of the roads when we get there and it is a maze of roads,and as those who know me will know i don't like driving on the right anyway
So we get there and i say ....where are we going ......Turn here he Say's,.......where Say's here he says..........I say where is here left or right.........he is then agitated.........all you have to say is left or right i said  i don't know where here here is.................he tuts and says in a sarcastic voice and i want to smack him in the gob TURN RIGHT ....TURN RIGHT ........By then i have gone past it and have to turn round which was not easy because there were some workmen digging up the road where i had to turn and i want to get it right because you lady's out there will know what men can be like if you have trouble parking or turning and they are watching you ..(.yes even Spanish men are the same)
Anyway i manage to turn ok 3 point turns i am good at and believe it or not i like doing them
So we pick up the car and then make our way to the garage which i know so that bit was easy, although i did say a few choice words to him and he said .....SORRY PETAL .......that's what he calls me he always has done, i call him all sorts of names nothing to do with anything smelling nice though

To be cont :


  1. Lo, you're a I do know what it's like when I'm driving and my passenger does this. I do not want to take my eyes off the road when they say, 'turn here.' It's aggravating. I ask 'left or right or middle'(on the multy lanes).

  2. Lo did you get the email I sent in reply to you about your Guest book problem?