Monday, October 4, 2010



PASSING WIND or should i say FARTING

Now i know everyone does it but not a lot of people talk about it even though it is a very natural thing to do, but sometimes it can be embarrassing let me tell you what happened to me yesterday after dinner

I leave hanging my washing out until the sun has gone down because i find the sun is so strong here that it bleaches things very quickly

Across the way to the back of us the couple have a parrot his name is Eric, they put Eric out every day and he whistles to us and we respond, to be honest i feel sorry for him because the couple go off to their business and leave him all day long on his own, he is an African grey and from what i understand they are very social birds, but we are too far away to have real interaction with him so we just whistle and i talk to him while i am hanging the washing out we will call his owners L&M
Now for those of you that have read my blog on MSN since the off you will know that you can hear a pin drop up this mountain and things do ecco round

Yeterday evening after dinner i went to hang the washing out, and Eric was out in his cadge and he whistled to me and i whistled back he has not been out for a couple of days because the wind has been too strong he did a wolf whistle ( which he does a lot ) and i said ( because my friend told me they have very good hearing ) hello you cheeky boy as i went into the laundry and as i bent down to take the washing from the machine i gave a very loud fart, ( infact i had to giggle to myself )
Then i could hear some talking and i thought it was Eric, so i was saying ....yes i know i'm sorry Eric that just slipped out, At the same time thinking it is not often i have actually heard him speak, i couldn't hear what he was saying just a mans voice
And as i turned round with my basket of washing i saw a man in L&M's garden they have visiters and i didn't know............Now he must have heard my Fart because it was so loud and it was so quiet up here, i just quickly hung the washing out and ran in to tell the husband........I could hear them laughing later in the evening, i wonder if they were laughing about me.

To be cont :

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  1. Hi, Lo, I really enjoyed this and I needed a laugh. It must be a beautiful place there too.