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Now don't get me wrong when i say what i am going to say, but it is just something that over the years and since living here i have noticed, you may even agree with me........

Now as you know i am a hairdresser and i have been in the business for over 40 years and i have met and mixed with all kinds of people from all walks of life, some famous some not, also over the years i have learned the right way to wear makeup and perfume, from clients that were models and knew what they were talking about,

Now my gripe today is the many women that don't know the right way to wear perfume, now i was always taught that the right way to wear perfume is that you can not smell it on yourself, it is meant to be just a pleasant waft as you pass by, and there are so many women that think that you have to bath in it  before you can smell it specially very powerful perfumes such as POISEN which to my mind is not perfume it is drain cleaner ( sorry to any out there that use it, but i would say stop right now and get a good perfume, something feminine and light ).......Think Princess Dianna......Now i happen to know that she used a perfume called FIRST  not sure who makes it i think it could be Dulce & GABANA.....if that's how you spell it

I have passed so many women here on holiday that have obviously brought duty free on the plane over and slapped it on all over and it takes your breath away
There was a lady in the supermarket ( of all places ) who had such a strong perfume on ( or too much of it  ) that the whole shop smelt of it even after she had gone and items that she had picked up smelt of it as well, it was a horrible heavy strong smell

So lady's please perfume is a very feminine thing if you must use a very powerful one just use a tiny bit either behind the ears or on your wrists just because you can't smell it it doesn't mean that others can't
It is the same with make up lipstick in particular, i have seen so many women with really thick lippy on that doesn't suite them, there is a lady who lives not far from us here and she always wears this really thick pinky red lipstick that doesn't suite her she is very Spanish so i can't even talk to her and tell her which i would specially if she was a client, don't get me wrong i don't claim to be an expert in these matters and i myself do not wear makeup of perfume just good deodorant, but over the years working with the people that know you get to learn the right and wrong way, and i have also found that over the years that the person that you point it out to had no idea what they were doing wrong and have thanked me for pointing it out, one client a few years ago said her husband was so impressed with the new look her and hated the old one ( not her the makeup ) that he proposed to her again and they went to Vegas to do it unfortunatly i couldn't go although i was invited

So ladies remember LESS IS MORE.....

To be cont :

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  1. This is good advice and as women get older especially need advice, because our faces and coloring changes.....Lo, I'm looking for that Apple Cake recipe that my hubby baked...When I find it, I will post it or give it to you personally.