Thursday, November 25, 2010



Well i have to say i was most impressed with the dentist that i went to see, although there was a bit of a hiccup this morning at just gone 10.30 am my appointment was at 11am we were just on our way out the door and they phoned and said could we make it later at 12.30 as the people i had to see were coming from Lanzarote and they were going to be late, me being me took this as a bad sign ( but then i am like that i always think the worse ) anyway i should not have worried because the young girl that was doing it was so nice and she spoke a bit of English, she told me i had a bit of a problem with my gums but it can be cleared up very quickly just to take some extra care on cleaning
And all the treatment from start to finish is going to cost under 2,000 € where as the other one was going to cost nearly 3
The place itself had a nice feel about it and was very clean, so i feel more confident about them, i have to see he next Thursday about my gums and then if they are ok i can have the implant done the following week, it will then take a few weeks for the gum to heal and the bone to grow round the implant at least i think that's what she said, so i will keep you posted ....that's if you want to know of course

To be cont :

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  1. It's always good to be content with our care giver and I'm glad you found one you have confidence in. Keep us posted, please.