Friday, November 12, 2010



Now don't go shouting at me when i write what i am going to write, and just remember that there are probably a lot of people of both sexes out there that have this problem but never talk about it .....I am talking about having a poo... dump.... crap.... or what ever you call it and if you want to be really posh.....PASSING A MOTION

Well this morning i had one of those mornings where you do it but it doesn't all come away and you are left for the rest of the day feeling heavy and bloated and uncomfortable, and now i have got a bit of a headache  going on,
Yes i have been drinking water, and yes i have been moving around worked this morning then went shopping, had fruit for lunch with one dry cracker and have just had a small cup of tea

And to make it worse when i went shopping i put on an old pair of cut off pants that i have and they had a little tear underneath which i keep meaning to sow up, anyway i put them on and thought oh i will sow that when i get back from shopping, before going into the supermarket i went into the pick and mix don't know what you call them in America it is one of those stores that has loads of candy and nuts and things that you can buy in bulk, ......Anyway i went into the pick and mix  to get these lovely soft mints they have in there and nowhere else seems to do them, i dropped a couple on the floor and bent down to pick them up and it must have been just the way i bent down and i split my pants more,
I said to the husband walk behind me and tell me if you can see the split, he said he couldn't so i got the shopping done quick and got back.....I think the pants are now going to end up in the garbage

What a bloody day if i didn't know any better i would say it was Friday the 13th

To be cont :


  1. I like this blog, never heard the expression,'Passing The Motion'. We've all had those kinds of days.

  2. Hi Lo,
    Don't worried all we had in ourlives time though
    just they don't write about in blogs ha ha ha
    Have a nice day,
    PS: make sure you check your pant before put it on:-)
    IF you visit me Click on under Follwer michiko-blogspot it will work :-)
    Have a nice day,