Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Last night we had an almighty storm with lightning and very heavy thunder and the rain just fell down, now they don't put damp courses in these houses when they build them  ( well they do now ....new law ) because they are not used to the rain, it started at about 8pm and went on till about 3 am well the rain must have been blowing into my bedroom wall on the outside and when i woke up this morning and looked at the wall i have wet patches on the inside....god what a night 

So we get a pamphlet comes round the door like in most places in the world about new phones and one catches my eye, and i say to the husband......Look i could upgrade my phone to this one one  (pointing to said phone ) with the points i have clocked up, the one they show on the booklet is silver but i want black, so we go to the shop that is promoting the phone and i start off with asking the girl does she speak English, she say's shrugging her shoulders....a little
So i show her the phone i am after and she says ...si si...( yes yes ).......I say but i want negro ( black )
Si si  ( yes yes ) she say's and goes to the cupboard where she keeps them, she looks and looks then she goes to another cupboard and she looks in there, she shrugs her shoulders and say's something in Spanish that i don't understand,she say's in broken English i have mañana ( tomorrow ), then she say's  un momento ( just a moment ) she makes a phone call, ........gabble gabble on the phone then i hear her say to the phone....si si negro ( yes yes black ) i don't know why they always repeat themselves but they all do........So she comes off the phone and she say's .....they have 3 ( and she holds up 3 fingers ) in Porto ( Porto Rosario  our main town )...ah! say's I.....you can go now she say's....yes i will go now i said, you know which one she say's  and gives us the name of the road it is in, the husband says he knows where that is, we thank her and leave

We get to the shop she said and we ask the young man ...do you speak English ?......he shrugs his shoulders and sticks out his bottom lip and say's ....a little
So we try to tell him that we have just been to the other shop and she sent us to him, and showed him the phone and said, she said you have 3 in negro ( black ) .........he goes to a cupboard and looks...then he goes to another cupboard and looks....then he say's something to the girl who is working with him, we don't understand what they are saying, he goes to another cupboard and comes out with 3 boxes,......I think bloody hell at last........He pulls the phone out of the first box it is silver, he goes to the next box it is silver and the 3rd box yes it is silver.....No no ( when in rome and all that ) i said negro i want black......No no no he says no negro............I said the girl in the last shop said he had 3.......No he say's shaking his head, we say can he phone the girl and talk to her, he phones.......Gabble gabble..........he comes off the phone and say's no we no have black

We go back to the first shop and tell the girl that she got it wrong and that the other shop did not have black....we say to her ....you say mañana aqui  ( you say tomorrow here ) you have negro ( black).....No no not tomorrow she says......but when we came in before you said tomorrow you will have some in in black, .....No maybe next week, or the week after she say's ....the husband and I look at each other, then we say to her when you get them in can you phone and we will come and get one
Yes yes she say's ( in English ) and she takes the husbands phone number and writes it down on a sheet of paper that looks like it has other names and numbers on it
Ok she says i phone you when they come in ok adios ( goodbye )
So we will see if she does

To be cont :


  1. LOL, what a trip! You probably won't hear from her, you know. No telling what's going to happen to that piece of paper. But what a funny, funny story, Lo! I just LOVE coming over here and reading about your days and I love the way you tell it. Don't ever, ever change. It's priceless!

  2. Hi,Lo, I hope you do hear from her and you get the phone you want. This is fairly typical it seems. They will tell you anything to get rid of you, just my opinion. We had T-storms here and Tornadoes predicted until 7:00 AM here. It's rainy today.

  3. Crikey, come on back to England Lo, or well, maybe not, unless you speak Islamic or Polish, LOL good luck hope you get your phone, Mine's a lovel metallic cherry colour.

  4. Thanks Jenny...GG...and Arlene
    Yes i wish i could come back Arlene i hate it here please god next year...but i wont hold my breath