Friday, November 19, 2010



Do you know i was very surprised at the response i got on my facebook page about Prince William and Kate Middleton ( though i understand from what they said on the tv that it is Cate ( is that how you spell it ) with a C not Kate with a K....sounds like that song Liza Minnelli sang......
Anyway as i was saying i was surprised at how many people complained about it saying that it is going to cost the tax payer a lot of money and why should we pay for it ........
Well i agree with that and when i posted my message about it i never thought about who was paying for what, but getting it pointed out to me did make me think about it

The royal family have got more money than you and i will ever have, plus isn't it always the brides family that pay for the wedding with something thrown in by the grooms lot if wanted
Anyway i am sure Mr Middleton has been putting money aside like most people do when they have a daughter knowing that the day will come when you are going to have to give her away, and if for any reason you don't have to use the money you have worked for and saved then you are quids in and a nice trip round the world is in order......or a new car....or if like what our daughters wedding cost i could have brought a new bloody house talk about dentist being a rip off so are weddings

Back to the royals....the only thing that i didn't think was very good was Cate had to wear Diana's ring, if i was her i would have said no, as it was a very unhappy time for poor Dianna fancy getting engaged to the man you love only to find out he doesn't really love you the same, he loves someone else but is not allowed to marry her and you are just needed to make sure you produce an air to the throne....what a bummer, .......Mind you i am sure she would have been very proud of her boys now if she was still alive
I hope Cate is strong and doesn't let the royals dictate to her too much i know there are certain things she will have to abide by but lets all hope she can cope


  1. I sure don't envy her marrying into the royal family. She has much to live up to.

  2. I didn't catch you post on FB, but I too think she should have had her own engagement ring. But I can see why William wanted her to have it, it was just so sad how she [Diana] was taken away from them.