Wednesday, November 10, 2010



Now i am all for a few new things, but for a women to have tattoo's is beyond me,......I can understand  a young girl having a very small tattoo even though i don't agree with them, both my daughters have small one which i was as mad as hell about when i found out,.......Anyway coming back to today...........

We have just had P round, remember P ....husband went back to England then she found out he was living with someone else and he had been lying to her...........well i have not seen her now for over two months, and she has just come back from the uk and brought me some coffee so she came round to give it to me and have a good old natter ( yarn ) the Yarn is for any of my American friends so that they understand what i am talking about, i will always try and use an American fraze where i can for them even though we all speak English i know that some things are said in a different way in America, if there is anything that you don't understand please ask

Anyway back to P when she first came in i thought what the hell has she been doing now.....Let me explain,.........She is the kind of women who will let another friend who is a hairdresser play with her hair ie  doing lots of different colours sometimes all at once so her hair looks like a rainbow, now so that you get a picture of her i will try and describe her for you, she is very short and i am afraid on the big size weight wise well to give you an idea i am 5 ft 1 in and she is shorter than me,........Anyway every time she comes here after being with this other person she always has something outrageous, and today ( remember i have not seen her for about 2 months, ) when she came in i thought what has she done to her mouth, she had deep red lip liner round her lips and she looked just like a clown, we got to talking and i said .......P i have got to ask you why you have put that deep red lip liner on, it is a bit too thick i said lip liner is meant to just gently out line the lips, she said well the is nothing i can do about it it is tattooed on, it will fayed, i said what ever possessed you to do that, she said W ( this other friend ) wanted to try it out she has just started doing it in her salon,.........I am sorry but i have to say it looks ridiculous, it is going to take quite a few weeks before it fades.

To be cont :

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