Saturday, November 27, 2010



Well what can i tell you today,'s Saturday ...there's a start.............

As those of you that have followed my blog, you will know that usually on a Saturday the hubby and i bugger off for the day, but neither of us felt like it today, i was happy to just potter round the house ( in a moment when i have done this i am going to hang the washing out )

The hubby didn't have a very good night last night, let me tell you why...........

There was another mosquito in his bedroom, i say another because there was one the night before and the night before that as well,.........I said have you got your mozy plug on........We use the liquid mosquito plugs that you plug into a wall socket and i leave them on all the time even in the day with all the doors open, they build up in the air and keep the mozys at bay they also have a nice lemon smell so it is like having a very light air freshener on as well, i don't like the heavy air fresheners that take over the hole house i find them very sickly and they don't really do what they say, but the mozy plugs do

Anyway back to the hubby and his problem, i said has he got his plug in ....yes he said .....have you got it on full doo daa ( there are 2 settings, 1 is just air fresh 2 is mozy and air fresh )
He said he had it on 2 but i don't believe him, so i said well you better spray the spray in there ( sometimes have to result to a spray as well ).......Have you got your fan on full ( he doesn't like moving air poor little weak sole ) i say little but he is not he is over 6ft.....yes he Say's but i know he hasn't because he doesn't like it on full but i keep telling him it will help at night because the mozy's can't land on you the fan blows them away
So anyway he has sprayed and now put his mozy plug on 2 so we will see what happens tonight.

To be cont :


  1. Lo, hi! I loved your post and read many more of them, too. You are darling :) I have never heard of those plug-in mosquito things, what a great idea!
    Thank you so much for coming by my little page and I'm glad you liked the car. The problem with the car is, I made it myself years ago when I was on WLS. This morning I looked around at a few sites to see if I could find one like it, but no luck at all. I'll keep trying and if I find it, I'll let you know. I will tell you one thing: for the header, you don't need any html codes, just drop in a picture that you like and then make a bullet in the part that says "use instead of title or description". Now you might have to fiddle around with sizing your photo, but you'll do it and it will be just fine :D

    We have friends in common -- isn't that great? I'm clicking on follow because I want to keep up with you. I also see that you and I like the same music and movies. Ahhhh, that Madam X was terrific. That was Lana Turner in the part, I think :D

    I'll see you soon, Lo, you can be sure xoxoxo

  2. I was here before and lost my internet. It must be hot weather where you are to have those nasty buzzers. I hope you can be rid of them.

  3. You've got mozzies, crikey it must be hot there LO, it's perishing here, send hubby over here if he's complaining too much, that'll cure him. LOL

  4. It seems mozzies likes only your hubby? he must be very sweet person:-)
    where I lived in here the sunmmer time was too hot and no insect are alived & most plants wear died too.
    that was a last years but we have had enough rains so maybe we will see mozy in this summer time?
    Have a peaceful weekend,

  5. Thanks guys
    And yes JENNY it is nice to meet you as well i was not best pleased when WLS closed but i have got used to this now and it's not bad, and yes we do share some friends which is nice.
    FOR ARLENE & GG i am in the Canary islands and it is always hot here we are very near Africa
    fOR MICHIKO...I think it is more the fact that i have my fan on full and they cannot land on me, the hubby doesn't
    xxxx.......Hope you all get this not sure how this works am i doing it right please let me know