Tuesday, November 2, 2010



It is very windy and chilly here again today, this is the 3rd day like it very unusual for here

Someone who has lived here for about 20 years said that they say if there are a lot of ants around in October it means it is going to be a wet and chilly winter with strong winds, how the hell do the ants know, but so far they seem to be right,
I myself like it like this it is much cooler and much easier to sleep at night

Phoned the hospital this morning to see how my friend is and i asked if she could talk, the nurse or who ever it was said just a minute i will go and see, i said well i am phoning from the canary islands so would you please not leave me hanging on for a long time, within a few seconds she came back and said that my friend didn't feel up to coming to the phone so that worried me a bit,
So i wrote to her son and i am just waiting for a reply.....wish i was there
Why don't you just go over i hear you shout,........Well i would but number one it is not that easy to get flights from here and they are very expensive, plus my friend that i stay with is away at the moment and i cant ask if it is ok to go, and as close as we are as friends i would not like to just take liberty's and go, of course if i was there i would just go to the hospital and see her.

To be cont :


  1. Our weather seems to be warming a little but gonna be cold the weekend, I hope. Sorry you can't visit your friend, but I hope she's improving.

  2. We are on the way to winter here and I am dreading the ice and snow.
    I hope your friend begins to show improvement.