Thursday, December 23, 2010



Is anyone out there watching the thing on BBC1 at every night this week called the NATIVITY....?
I wasn't going to watch it because to be honest i don't believe in so called God and Jesus and all that crap, but i started watching because from 7pm until 7.30 i always have a lovely foot massage done by the husband, and while he is doing it we usually watch the one show which as you know is not on at the moment,
Anyway back to the Nativity, .....I can't believe that people actually believe in that crap.....Lets start with " MARY ".......Now correct me if i am wrong but from what i have seen so far she is Jewish as are her parents, and from what i can make out so is JOSEPH...They all live in Israel, ....Now for a start you have to feel sorry for Joseph don't you ( that's if these people actually existed ) there he is dying to get his end away with Mary and she won't until they are married ( quite right to, shame its not the same now days ) and her father has said that he can't marry her until he has built them a house, and the poor bugger is working all hours to build this house to prove his love for Mary, she MARY gets a visit one very early morning from some arse that tells her she is going to have a baby, she then goes away to see her aunty and is gone for what looks like could have been 5 / 6 months, then she shows her face again, Joseph is beside himself he can't wait to see her but when he does she is up the duff, and he knows he didn't do it even though he is gagging for it, and she tries to tell him she is still a virgin Ye right, i wont go on you get the picture.....Now number one i can't believe that the people back then actually believed that could really happen, and number two ( and this is what i am getting at )......I know from living and growing up with a Jewish mum, and lots of Jewish relatives that the Jews do not celebrate Christmas, and yet from what i can see and understand Mary Joseph and the so called Jesus were all Jewish so if anything it should be the Jews that celebrate Christmas more than anyone, I mean the kid was born in BETHLEHEM for goodness sake if that don't make him Jewish what does
And i know from my mum that if the mother is Jewish so are the kids, although in my case my father being French was Roman Catholic and when he and my mother married apparently they came to an arrangement that all kids would be christened RC, not that any of us followed it we never went to church and all that
I mean has anyone got any proof that these people actually existed, and who wrote the bible,? nobody has ever heard of him /her, and they refer to the bible in the programme and that is before Jesus is born....and in those days there was no school like there is today so who ever wrote the bible couldn't spell or anything like that they wouldn't have known what it was or how to do it and those astrologers in the programme had a big printed map of the stars and planets where did that all come from they wouldn't have known how to do anything like that then.....sorry for any believers out there but if you are you think about it, I recon that this bloke they called Jesus was just some kind of a hippy that just had a bit of common sense and people just hung on every word he said..............WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP..........

If there is such a person as " GOD " why doesn't he stop all the rotten things that are happening in the world if he has that kind of power, and whats his real name and why don't we see i said

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  1. Christians have nothing to lose by believing, but plenty to gain, like Heaven.

  2. Yes, GG is right. There are a couple of ways to answer your question and first is: "suppose" it's all true, then what? A little faith surely can't hurt. Then there's another way: Even if you don't believe or have any faith in it, stand off to the side and look how HAVING that belief completely changes the way of living, and the attitudes during the Season. It is the ONLY time that people all over the world come together in some semblance of peace. Is it not worth that?

  3. Thank you Jenny and GG but i think you missunderstood,
    What i am getting at is that IF and i mean a big IF it is true why dont Jewish people celebrate Christmas if all the people involved in the so called " Jesus "are Jewish surly it should be the Jews that celebrate more than anyone
    I do believe there is something that guide's you through life but i don't know what, and i have made my share of wrong moves i can tell you

  4. The Jewish ppl do Channuka, and it's similar to Christians' 12 days. And the Jews don't say there was NO Jesus, they just have the belief that he was a true prophet and not the son of God. So yes, there is a celebration, just at a "slightly" different time.
    Yes, I think there is definitely a higher power no matter what name is given to it. Everything on this earth is wayyyy too ordered to ever be coincidental. Every bit of it is a miracle in a human's perspective. I look at it all like a domino effect, each part of life and each species hinging on the next; therefore I also see us humans as ALL related to each other, it's just a lot of branches in those lives/families. See if more ppl thought about the relationship aspect, maybe they'd be a little better to each other and not so judgmental, you know. How could anyone try to hurt or hold down/back someone that was actually related? I sure couldn't.
    And Lorraine, Merry Christmas to you, too, sweetie. I wouldn't miss your page for anything in the world :D XOXOXO

  5. Thank you Jenny
    I do believe you could be onto something, in the past i have been through a terrible time, but through that terrible time i met people who helped me and are still my dearest friends and that was over 40 years ago now and we would still help each other out if needed and have done there are 5 of us including me and we all had our own terrible time and we all helped eachother through it with a lot of laughter which helped each one of us in our time of need
    It is nice to know that i am not the only one who thinks like me, I hope i did not offend anyone when i said that i thought the Nativity was a load of crap but i do feel that way very strongly, and i do not believe that it is down to this one person called " god " that can put things right i think it is up to the people who live in it that have got to do it or we are just going to end up with one nassive war that will finish the world as we know it now, thaank goodness we wont be here
    Thank you again for following my blog i really appreciate it