Friday, December 3, 2010



Now i am a bit confused, Like most people i do look after my teeth and always have done and apart from the one tooth that was on a post and broke, at 64 i am pleased and i suppose proud to say that all my teeth are my own, i floss and clean my teeth twice a day sometimes 3 times,when i went to the dentist last week to talk about having an implant put in she said i had a slight problem with my gums, well i knew that anyway because a few weeks ago i had had a bit of blood when cleaning it was only a couple of times and i started to massage my gums....sorry if this is a bit Gorey but it is the only way i can tell you about it.......
Anyway after the last time i went to the dentist and she told me i still have a problem even though everything was ok when i cleaned my teeth, i asked her on leaving is there anything i can do to help myself, maybe something to put on the gums to help clear the problem, something i can buy ?....No no she said i do, pointing to herself i do all, but she never gave me anything to put on my gums to help so i said to the husband lets go to the chemist and see if they can give me something, which they did and it has helped, and i have been extra careful with cleaning and flossing so i know that now there is nothing wrong with my gums,

When i went Yesterday to the dentist she did a full check up you know where they go round all the teeth and call out things to the assistant and she writes it down i might add here that she charged me 50€ for this check up which i thought was a bit steep and it only took her about 20 mins but i never said anything fool that i am,
After she had finished she said ....yes yes ( they always repeat themselves ) your teeth very good next time we clean...........I thought what is there to clean you could eat your dinner off my teeth they are so clean, still i never said anything, when i went out to the reception she printed me off the bill and how much it would be next time for the " clean " which the receptionist tells me has to be done in 2 parts at 45€  each time she does one side of the face, then the following week she does the other side.....Now correct me if i am wrong, but back in the uk because i keep my teeth very clean i only ever once had to go to the hygienist who even then said how good they where and it only took her about half an hour and she did my whole mouth, ...this one is telling me 2 visits and has still not given me a definite date to have the implant

This as you can imagine is playing on my mind, and at 4.20 this morning something woke me up, i was wide wide awake, and thought i will go downstairs and make a coffee, but i didn't want to wake the husband so i just laid there but i had a very positive feeling and a sort of second sense that this dentist is having me on which bore out my gut feeling that i had said to the husband after we had been.
So i have decided not to carry on and go back to her, i will wait until please god we get back to the uk next year and go and talk to the dentist i had there, at least i can converse in my own language and understand what he is saying to me.

To be cont :


  1. That is a dilemma, Lo. My dentist and I were talking one day (during a routine cleaning, lol) and she told me that teeth should be brushed twice a day and sometimes 3, depending, but that flossing should only be done ONCE a day -- otherwise it will begin to irritate the gums too much over time. Just sayin'. So that might be the problem, I'm not sure. But I think I'd see another dentist for another opinion just like you said. xoxoxo

  2. I never have had such the dentist took two visits
    to cleaning your teeth?
    I have a very sensitive gums but I used electric
    brush for last more than ten years...
    I agree with JennyD go to the another dentist.

  3. She sounds like she's seeing dollar signs, I never had to make 2 trips for teeth cleaning.

  4. Hi, just checking on you, hoping you're OK.

  5. Hi all...thanks for your comments and it bares out what my gut feeling is ...that she is having me on so the appointments are going to be canceled this week
    And yes Jenny i think you could be right maybe that's why i have a slight problem i use the floss morning, after lunch, after dinner and then again when i go to bed so i will start laying off the flossing a bit
    My computer has been out of action for a few days but all ok now