Wednesday, December 15, 2010



Why is it that if you are out or talking to someone about drinking alcohol, when you say you don't drink they say ya miserable sod

My husband an I are not drinkers, when i say not drinkers i mean we couldn't stand in a bar all night and just chuck it down our necks like some people do, if we do have a drink at any time he will have a beer just a half, and i will have either a beer or for a short drink i will have vodka and lemonade or something like a baileys

Yesterday when i was in the hairdressers having my hair done they were talking about xmas and P ( my gay hairdresser ) asked what Simon and I do at  xmas, to which i said ......We are not doing anything it is just a normal weekend to us, .....Aww he said in his gay voice don't you put your deccy's up ( meaning christmas decorations )...........No said I, i am not going to bother this year ( i usually just put up a tree and i have a big wooden father xmas dressed in his garb that i stand in the door )........well you could have knocked him over with a feather........He said in his high camp northern voice........WHAT NOOTHING!.........I said no nothing, Well do you have a drink, no said I.........WHAT ! not to celebrate xmas ........I said what is there to celebrate, we are stuck here with no family, and anyway Simon and I have never really done Christmas neither of us really believe in it ........Well he nearly had a heart attack......
He said what not don't you and Simon have a drink, I said well if we do we just have the one because neither of us are drinkers, .....Awww ya miserable sod he said,

Why are we miserable just because we don't drink ourselves to oblivion, we are far from miserable we just don't like drinking, i will probably just do a roast chicken for dinner it is too hot here to have a big roast the Spanish people just have fish with baby boiled potatoes and a bit of salad, but we haven't had a roast for ages and i have a fancy for roast spuds so i thought xmas day would be a perfect opportunity to have them, Simon is not that bothered he will probably just have boiled pots

But isn't it funny how people just think that Christmas is a time to stuff yourself silly and drink till you don't know what day it is let alone the year.

To be cont :


  1. You've made a very good point, Lo. It must be the same everywhere: a holiday of any kind seems to call for an over-indulgence in everything. Don't know why. Maybe it's only way that some can feel sociable and be around a lot of people. Maybe it's the only way they can hide from themselves. VERY interesting topic and I'll bet worthy of a thesis or 2 or 3. But I know one thing. You and your hubby will have a good day no matter what and you'll find a great story to write about that day -- you always do :D

  2. Yes it does seem to be that some use Christmas and other holidays to become somebody other than themselves as alcohol changes some people in such a way that the holiday is miserable. Christmas is a man made holiday anyhow.I don't know who started it. It was not God, the Father.

  3. I'm sure you and Simon will enjoy Christmas whether or not you 'pig out' or indulge in the hard stuff, I don't drink, that's because I drive every day, and that brooks no argument by anyone, I don't over eat because I feel so bad after, as I don't eat huge or even large meals normally, so a good post for pondering Lo, each to their own.