Saturday, December 11, 2010



We lost one of our goldfish in the pond in the week, we had 2 orange and 2 lemon, it was one of the lemon ones,
So we went out this morning to get another one, there are 3 pet shops in town and none of them had big gold fish, so we will have to just keep looking or just make do with the 3
I wonder if i got a little one would the others kill it

Nothing else to say sorry an i am still having trouble a bit with my computer, i had to try about 4 times to write this, other people here are also having trouble so i know it's not just me, some have said that it has a lot to do with all the heavy rain we have been having this island is just not equipped to deal with heavy rain........Still never mind soon be christmas....and we are going out for Chinese tonight so that will cheer me up.

To be cont :


  1. Aww, Lo, I'm sorry about your lemon goldfish. I love goldfish, too. They are so beautiful. Do you have any idea why it died? Did you check for ick? That darn fish disease is awful and passes to all the other fish as well. I guess you would have noticed it, though.
    Do you know that I once had a goldfish that I taught to kiss? Lol, I need to blog about that one of these days.
    By the way, just to let you know, I really enjoy coming over here. Your sense of humor has me in stitches so many times, and sometimes when you're writing, it feels like you're right next door :D

  2. I hate you lost a goldfish. And I'm lost without the Internet and hate when there's a problem. Sometimes I have problems and it drives me up the wall when the internet is bad.

  3. Thank you Jenny it is nice to know you enjoy my blog, it is a shame you never saw my blogs from WLS i don't think you will be able to get them now they were called MRS P'S DIARY

    We were sorry to loose the gold fish as well GG, i am just hoping i can get another, of course back in the uk i would have no problem but here is a totaly different kettle of fish so to speak