Sunday, December 26, 2010



There is nothing to write about as nothing is happening apart from the fact that my computer is playing up big time, at the moment to write this i am using a very old lap top of the husbands, but it is very slow and very old,
I was going to treat myself to a new mattress in the new year i thought it might help with my bake ache, not that the one i am on is old it is just a bit too hard for me i like a soft on, i know they say that hard is better but to be honest i don't care what " THEY " say i like to sleep on a soft mattress, when we go to the uk the friend that i stay with has a soft mattress and i always sleep well and never get back ache,
But i think i am going to have to get a new computer instead BUGGER the new mattress will just have to wait.

To be cont :


  1. I am sorry about your back aching and I completely empathize about crappy mattresses. My last one was WAY too soft and you ended up in a U shape. The one I have now is WAY too hard and I can't sleep for anything. The thing was, both felt fine when I tried them out in the store. I think all the mattress stores should give a person a trial run for a month before committing to buy.
    Sympathies for the computer, too. Terrible thing when it comes to making a decision of which to fix, the mattress or the computer. Since I'm still complaining about my own mattress, I guess you can tell which thing won out here, too.

  2. I have two 4" memory foam mattresses on top of my Futon which was hard as a brick to sleep on. These are the best as it bounces back.
    I don't think I could live without a computer anymore, lol, so I feel for you there too.

  3. Thanks guys
    As you can see i have my computer back so for now it is going to have to do, i had a bug or what ever you call it in it, but thankfully the man has cleaned it and it is ok
    As for the mattress i am still thinking about it whether to buy it here ( where they don't understand me ) or wait till i get home where they do, me thinks the latter