Tuesday, December 14, 2010



The hubby has some high falutin camera, you have to wait for lights to go out and lights to come on and all sorts,
So when i get back from the hairdressers today he say's,........I have had a call from Tony , this is the guy in the uk he does folk lift truck work for over the computer, he wants to put something together with photos of all the people in the company there are about 5 of them including the hubby, he said Simon can go and get professional photos done if he likes and he will pay for them, ( nice of him i thought)
But to try and get something like that done here would be a nightmare, so he says if i put on a shirt and tie ( been 4 years since he has done that ) can you take the photos......Yes says I.....( eat your heart out lord snowdon ).
So we do it well we try to do it, he was not easy, a couple that i took he looked like someone had just told him that all the money in the bank had gone ( money is his god ) i said come on Simon you are meant to look friendly and welcoming for the company, i said smooth your face out look a bit more pleasant and not so bad tempered, ye ye ye he said just get on with it, there had to be 2 or 3 sitting and one standing, now he is 6ft 3in and i am 5ft 1in so trying to get everything that had to be in the photo was not easy while he was standing up, he got all cross because he said the camera didn't click or sound right, in actual fact it did and i took what i thought were some pretty good photos considering i am not professional, he looked at them on the view thingy on the camera and said in a bad tempered sort of way.....oh well they will have to do, i will send them all to him and he can pick what he wants ungrateful bastard,
Then he tried to send them over his computer and the computer seized up on him ( that'll teach him )
Anyway for some reason he had trouble trying to down load them on to his computer so he slams the camera down and says ...oh this will have to wait and he buggers off out, where he is now i have no idea but like most kids he will come home when he is hungry.

To be cont :


  1. Lo, can you hear me over here? Once again you have torn me up in laughter! Sometimes when I'm over here and have read your posts, I start laughing so hard that I can't even type. Yes, this is another of those times. You are priceless :D

  2. He's having a bad day, huh and all dressed up too.

  3. Thanks Jenny so glad you enjoy my writing, I just write what has happened and the way it happened and i have to say that sometimes i read it back and even i think it sounds funny, mind you i always laugh at him, he always trys to be better than what he is, he would have liked to be one of those gents back in the olden days i think they used to call them Toffs
    Thank you GG......he has abd day every day ha ha
    By the way do you see the replys i put up here for you ?