Friday, December 31, 2010



ON MY SOAP BOX ..........Now please don't get me wrong when i say this, and believe me i have absolutely nothing against gay men some of my dearest friends in the past and today are gay, but i really cannot agree with this business of Elton John having this baby,
For a start he is i consider too old, I am 64 and there is no way on this earth that i would want to have a baby around, It is totally different if they are grandchildren you can give them back, for a start i find that even though i am young for my age not only in looks but in character and thinking i still find at the end of the day i feel absolutely knackered and i am not alone in saying this all my friends of my age say the same come 9pm and we have had it and are most nights ready for bed, why did he not do it when he was a bit younger, or have they just suddenly decided that when they leave this earth they have nobody to leave their millions to, ok he is known for giving generously to charities, one of which is his own so in effect the money goes back into his pocket

Ok i know he has got a lot of money but who is going to look after this baby while he is away on tour, or while he is away will his partner David be left holding the baby so to speak, and i wonder how much in put he had in all of this, everyone knows that Elton is selfish bad tempered and that if things don't go his way he gets into a strop and flounces out of where ever he is, he has never had to share anything in the past now he is going to have to share his life with a little boy that will need guidance and loving
And when this kid is in his teens ( and we all of us that have had them know what that means ) he is going to be in his 70's who wants a stroppy teenager around then it is bad enough to handle when you are younger,........Ok the boy will have the best of everything with the best private schools and the best health care, but that is not necessarily going to make him a " nice person"
And how the hell are they going to handle it when he starts asking the questions of " where do i come from " and " how did i get here " and you can guarantee that he will, how are they going to tell him that he has 2 mothers surly he is going to want to know who they are 
I am sorry i am going on but i really feel strongly about it, i think it is wrong very wrong they should have got a puppy or a kitten or both
I know i am not alone in my thinking this.

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  1. I'm neither. I do not live in the house with them, so I do not know first hand about anything. It's all gossip and nothing more. Doesn't mean some, part, or all isn't true, but if a person doesn't see it for himself, then it's only rumor. For "myself", it would be hard but not impossible to have a teenager around the house, and I'm 63; but if that was a baby, then in 15 yrs, I'd be 78 and no telling if I could deal with it. I just don't know because I'm not there yet. But I know what you're talking about and yes, it has nothing to do with being gay, it's an age thing and a BIG thing about years down the road. If they do it, I surely hope everything works out, but if they think twice, I hope they opt for the puppy or kitten -- even with that choice, the pet could outlive them.

  2. Thanks Jenny
    I think they have already done it...I still think it is wrong but good luck to them because they are going to need it as that kid grows up money or no money