Thursday, December 9, 2010



PHONE...... Well this morning the husband and i got things sorted, by that i mean the trouble with the phone, turned out that the 68€ was for the new contract, still a rip off i think but job done now.
DENTIST.....The husband went and canceled the appointments i have in January, i will wait now until i please god get back to the uk and then i will go and see my dentist there, can't go before because for the work i want done it would mean me staying for a while and i can't afford to do that

NOW I AM GOING TO GET ON MY SOAP BOX........just a minute it takes a bit of time to get up there i am only little 5ft1in..................

If you don't like swearing tough don't read this, for those that know me you will know i don't mince my words, say it like it is is my moto

I read in the paper that Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to get " Pastoral help" And "guidance sessions" from the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop Rowan Williams ...What a load of bollocks, they no more need that than i need a whole in the head neither of these blokes know about married life or having children ( unless they have had some sly ones on the side which wouldn't surprise me )
And i shouldn't think for one minute that either of them want or need it,they have been together for 10 years or so and been living together for at least 8 of those, if they don't know each other by now they never will, apparently from what i read they want the Archbishop of Canterbury Richard Chartres to marry them but they cant have him they have to have the Archbishop Dr Rowan Williams to perform the actual wedding what a load of shit, it is not Kate and William that are going to  course any discord between them it is the so called  " we know bests " that will  do more damage than anything
I do hope that Kate will stick up for herself and stand her ground after all it is her wedding even though the rest of the world will be shareing her special day

To be cont :


  1. Well said. I would not ever consider being in that family if I could. Poor girl.

  2. Here HERE! Couldn't have said it better myself. You call it like it is, Lo, and believe me, I like that :D

  3. Blessings.....
    I can't say that I pay any attention to the news about the "royals", frankly I haven't got the time and I don't invest in anyone who don't give too craps about me and my daily life. So they are getting married whoopity-fricking-do people get married all the time. Heck as I write this now somebody around the world is getting married, it doesn't get to be extraordinary because the are "royality" they will suffer the same trials and tribulation as any marriage.

    At the end of the day they are just people with a shit load of money and too much time on their hands and while they may escape the everyday humdrum of figuring out how to put food on the table, pay rent and medical bills they still have to live in the real world and they are not exempt from experiences that no amount of money can shield them from. When all is said and done their shit still stinks like us ordinary people, their breath still smells fowl first thing in the morning like us ordinary people and when they die their carcasses will rut just like us ordinary hardworking people.

  4. Thank you gang....I am glad you all agree with me
    Rhapsody...I love what you said it is so true
    Although my hubby recons his shit don't stink ha ha ,