Sunday, December 12, 2010



For those of you that may have read this on my old blog SORRY.....For those who haven't i hope you Enjoy

When you are up to your neck in snow and ice and wind and rain, you say ....awww i wish i was somewhere warm, but living in a hot country is not all it is cracked up to be, and right there i hear you shout ....WELL I WOULDN'T MIND !........But let me tell you  YOU WOULD

There are many things that you would miss from back home and realise that living in a hot place is not good,.........For a holiday it is fine whether it is one week, two weeks , or a month or more, but to live full time knowing you just can't get up and go when you have had enough is pure hell, let me put you in the picture so to speak can not just turn on the tap and get a drink of water, or fill the kettle, or wash veg's....oh no you have to hulk great big plastic bottles of the stuff, so in effect once you have opened said bottle you are drinking stale water, .......When you clean your teeth you can do it with tap water but you have to be very careful that you don't swollow even a little drop
On really hot days  even the cold water from the tap is warm were the sun has been on on the ground and heating the pipes just under it
DUST.....It is very dry and dusty here and the dust blows along with the sand on really windy days ( which are most days here ) on the days it is not so windy the dust is still a problem, it gets into everywhere and you get so fed up with trying to clean it that you give up until it gets to the point where you look at it and say .....I really should clean that......when you are out in the car you see the dust everywhere from the road as you and other cars are driving along ( picture old American films where you see an old car with plumes of dust flying as it is going along )
THE LANGUEGE..... Unless you speak the Language you have no chance, as you have seen from my blogs here about simple things like the dentist etc, plus here they speak a totally different dialect to what they do on main land Spain
THE HEAT......When you are on holiday the heat is just what you want, but when you live in it all the time with no let up at all you just want to die,......You can not do anything in the day because it is too hot, so you have to do anything you want very early in the morning or late at night and even then in July and August you just can not move, if you are lucky enough to have air con that is fine, but if like us you don't it is very difficult ( the only room i have air con in is the salon )
You can not sleep at night even with a fan on full pelt because all that does is move the hot air around so you just lay there and sweat, and the next day you feel exhausted and it all happens again
FRESH VEG.......Everything here is imported, so you don't get nice fresh greens the only fresh sort of greens that i buy are leeks or white cabbage if you want some kind of greenery you have to get frozen but the only frozen green stuff i have seen here is spinach, which we love but you don't want it every day, and they have just started doing brussels sprouts( frozen)
When you go out to a restaurant you don't get greens and veg with your meal like you do back home, i have not seen one restaurant yet that gives you veg with your meal, they don't have a lot of choice  it is either steak ( which we don't eat ) rabbit, goat, fish or chicken...and with that you will get either chips ( fry's ) or baby boiled potato's they call canary potato's and they are boiled in sea water until the skins go all wrinkly, you might get a bit of salad on the plate but that is all
THE SHOPS.....There are more hardware stores here than you can shake a stick at ( what does that mean exactly )
And all the shops no matter what open at at 8.30am some don't open till 10am and close and 1pm they stay closed until about 5-5.30 then they open again until 9pm ( it is far too hot for them to open in the afternoon ) schools start early 8.30 am and finish at about 2.30pm i think ( not having young ones i am not really sure )

If you are on holiday you will be mad enough to lay out in the sun in the day and because we always have a wind blowing here you can get very burnt in a very short space of time

So you see, give me the snow and wind and rain any day.....WOULD YOU STILL LIKE TO LIVE IN A HOT COUNTRY ?

To be cont :


  1. Oh my goshhhhh, I had no idea! Lo, this was extremely informative. I'm just like everyone else that has never lived in your neck of the woods (and what does that mean, too? lol). I picture beaches and frolicking in the sand. What an eye opener! I can see why you miss the UK so much. Do you know when you'll be able to move back home? You and your husband really need to get back to a decent climate and green vegetables and water you can drink from the tap! Gosh, I am just floored with all this. Wish there was a way I could make it better for you, Lo :( Be strong, gal. XOXOXO

  2. This is astounding to me that anyone has to live like this. No way could I survive in that heat. And this is an Island? And you have such a good sense of humor while enduring all this. I love Winter and it's cold now, but we just get a little snow usually. I hope you'll get to move back home.

  3. Thank you Gg and Jenny.....
    So many people say ...arn't you lucky living where you do....but i am not lucky at all, there are lots of other little bits as well but i think i have said enough.....lets just say ....THE GRASS IS NOT ALWAYS GREENER and i think it is only my sense of humour that keeps me going
    It is so nice to get the feed back thank you