Thursday, December 16, 2010


( she sings )
While shepherds wash their socks by night all seated on the ground,.... the angel of the lord came down and said ....SOD OFF

I was working this morning and one of the guys that came in to me had more hair growing out of his ears than he had on his head, he had walked up the mountain and he was all sweaty and hot it was horrible, some people just don't think do they, i could never arrive anywhere like that specially if i was going to be close to someone like he was to me while i was cutting his hair i would be too embarrassed, thankfully after he had gone i had about half an hour before my next one so i had time to fumigate the salon a bit as he made it smell, don't get me wrong he is a lovely man and he is a regular client as is his wife and i would hate to loose them as clients, but you would think wouldn't you that he would have thought to himself....oh i can't go to Lorraine all smelly and sweaty

No other news today i am sorry to say, a friend of mine who has been through a very rough time of late was finally back on her computer last night and it was good to talk to her so that was nice

To be cont :


  1. I don't think men even notice when they smell; they just go about their day as always. Women do more thinking and caring about all this, thank GOD. I don't even go to the grocery store without doing my hair and makeup and clean clothes -- shoot, I don't even go out to fill up my birdfeeders without doing all that, LOL
    Lo, you haven't been over to visit in ages. How come?

  2. Oh Jenny I'm not as good as you, well not any more, I do go occasionally without make up, jsut to give my face a rest I say, but really I think the dogs won't mind. LOL but it's true that men don't notice things like women, we don't wash and deodorise because we're dirty, but because it's the thing to do and as natural as washing your hands, how many men do you see automatically wash their hands when they come indoors?

  3. Never, Arlene, you're right. Oh, and I take back about never being without my makeup. If I'm just knockin' around the house, I don't bother and the cats don't care. I LOVE those days :D.

    And here we are, having a conversation on Lorraine's page, lol.

  4. I was thinking she might join in