Monday, December 13, 2010



Had quite a nice weekend, only had one little blip with the hubby,.....let me tell you

Our hot water tank is under the outside stairs where the swimming pool pump is, no because it is so far away from the house it takes a long time for it to come through hot in the house, for instance my salon is at the front of the house upstairs because our house is an upside down house, you come in the front door and the bedrooms and bathrooms are on that floor, then you go downstairs to the living room and the kitchen it is one of the reasons we brought it because it is a bit different,
Anyway the husband and a few of the neighbors have been talking about putting the hot water tank on the roof because everyone has the same problem you have to run the hot water for so long before it comes through hot, for instance in the salon i have to turn on the hot water tap about 15 / 20 mins before the hot water comes through, which of course wastes such a lot of water,
Anyway back to the hubby and Sunday morning, ..........He say's ....I think i am going to do it petal, oh ye says i whats that then.....going to put the hot  water tank up on the roof ( we have flat roofs )
So he gets his ladder and he is up there working out where he is going to put it and the wires and what ever,
He needs to get to the main wire box behind my computer thats ok i am busy doing washing and the like so i am not at the computer, so he starts and he is doing ok until he has to feed some wire from here to up on the roof, ....Now rather than say to me Petal can you tell me if when i pull that wire it moves....No .....he likes to be a martre.....he is in and out like a fiddlers elbow, one minute up on the roof next in here, he is huffing and puffing you know like men do when ever they do anything
So i say .....What are you huffing and puffing about, he doesn't answer........and he is running in and out the house like he has only got 10 minutes to do the job then the end of the world is going to come
He comes back in the house and i say ....what are you rushing around for and all the huffing and puffing......he say's in his snooty i am the only person who is busy voice.......Well i want to get this done.....SO say's I......why are you rushing about no body is holding a gun to your head and telling you you have to get it done by a certain time,
( again in the snooty voice )....Well perhaps you could look and tell me if that wire is moving when i pull it  ( i have to add here that there are about 6 /7 wires coming out of this box ).....which one say's I
with that he storms out, i stand there just looking....he comes back in, ......Oh come on petal he says you can see the wire, but which one say's I theres about 7 of the fucking things....with that he told me which one to look at ( that's all he had to say in the first place
He goes back on the roof and i watch the wire,....Yes it moves........he comes back in and i tell him the good news
He is happy but he can't finish the job because he needs some bits and the shop today did not have the bits he wants ( shame )

Honestly what is it with men when they do a job they always make it seem harder that what it is,
They should try giving birth then they would know what hard work is and pain

To be cont :


  1. Oh my lord, the tears are streaming down my face! I'm telling you, Lo, you should be on stage you are so funny. A person reads your story and as it goes on, it gets deeper and deeper and then, POW, the zinger. You just crack me up!

  2. I could just picture this scene. You are a funny lady and I like the phrase, 'says I'. Men are hard to figure.