Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well here we are then what have i got to tell you, not a lot really as you can see i have changed the background on my blogg again, not overly happy with it and might change again yet

I am feeling much better today the cough is subsiding and i have had a bit more energy today even helped the husband weed the garden, in a way i am glad we don't have any grass, and if and when we ever get back home i am thinking of having that artificial grass, a few people here have got it and it really looks good and you wouldn't know until you touch it that it is not real

I am going to make the husband get his finger out this coming week, in fact i might even start today well later when he has had a kip ( siesta ) which he is doing at the moment as we speak, 
I am going to make him re do the adds on the computer for selling these houses, and tomorrow i am going to go with him to all the agents we know here and really get them to push the sale of these houses, i know it is going to mean us practically giving the houses away by dropping the prices so low that they will sell, but as long as the amount we end up with covers what we have on the loan back in the uk i am willing to do it, as all of you that know me will know i am desperate to get home i can not bare the thought of another year here 

My friend back in the uk that was in hospital came out but now is back in again, not sure of the details of why  and will probably have to wait until she is out again before i find out, lets hope it wont be long

To be cont :


  1. Sorry to hear you had a cough Lo but good to hear it's getting better. I sent you an email re blog backgrounds. The artificial grass you talk about isn't a good idea, as it gets dirt inside it through time and you have to vacuum it out, and I think the neighbours would think you'd gone loopy lol, apart from that, where would the birds dig for worms? I'm all for proper 'dirt' and natural nature.

  2. I can seen that you ate all red radish at your background full of vitamin C Lo:-)
    The artificial grass: I don't think that I would have one because I know the artifical grass in my garden...

    Everybody is difference idea why not you have them Lo:-)
    Thank you for your kind comments.
    Have a nice a week ahead.

  3. Thats a point Arlene thank you i never thought of that and i love the birds in my garden, we don't get them here

    MICHIKO thank you yes it was all that Vit C put me right ha ha