Monday, January 3, 2011



Now i don't normally like to talk about clients, but this morning i had a lady that had quite a good head of hair but it was very lank and didn't have any shine to it and it just looked very sort of dead, which of course your hair is, the only bit of your hair that is alive is the bit under your scalp, anything above your scalp is dead  she said it was always like it and that she could never get it to look nice and bouncy and  really clean lively,
I knew straight away why, and after asking her some questions i was right.
I asked her number one what shampoo she used and she said she used shampoo and conditioner all in one...WRONG .....I asked her how she washed her hair she said in the bath.....WRONG

Now for those of you that know me sorry you will have to read this again, and for those who don't i hope it is a help if you have the same problem

FIRST.....NEVER NEVER wash your hair in the bath...think about it your hair is probably the last thing you wash, and you have washed your body in that water and it not only has soap in it, it is dirty water even if you bath 3 times a day it is still dirty water, if your hair is the first thing you wash you are rinsing it with soapy water
SECOND....Never use shampoo and conditioner in one, a lot of people use conditioner and unless your hair has been very over bleached or tinted you should not need a conditioner and if you do you don't need a lot  ( will tell you how to use it in a moment )
THIRD....don't use very hot water, use lukewarm water If you use very hot water the hot water stimulates the sebaceous glands that are just under your scalp and that will make your hair greasy 

Always wash your hair under the shower so you are doing it with plenty of clean water, always give your hair 2 washes   for the first tip some shampoo into the palm of your hand about the size of a 50 p piece rub palms of hands together so you have some on both hands wash your hair as normal,if you have long hair you will need more than the size i have stated, and rinse well, second shampoo, again pour the shampoo into the palm or your hand rub palms together and wash hair make sure you have a good lather but not over the top, rinse really well let the water just run over your head and make sure that all the soap is out, rinsing is the main reason why hair  looks lank you must give the hair a really good rinse, if then you still think your hair needs some conditioner do not use a lot and do not leave it on, again put a bit of conditioner in the palm of your hand if you have long hair use about the size of a 10p coin if you have short hair you don't need that much, rub palms together add to your hair only the ends do not do the roots and rinse with water straight away give a good rinse until you feel it is all out
Dry your hair as normal and you should find that what i have told you will leave your hair shinny and clean 
If you have any problems or want to ask me something please do i will be only too pleased to help
The lady this morning went out a different women to the one that came in and she was very happy and i know she will be back again

To be cont :


  1. I tell ya, I was floored when you said she actually washed her hair in the bath water. Good lord, why would anyone do that? I wash my hair in the shower. I can't even imagine all that old dirty water going back onto my hair, yuck! I'll bet by the time you got through with her, she was a livin' doll. Let's hope she remembers your advice.
    By the way, Lo, I've changed my page TWO more times since you were there. I just can't find what I like right now.

  2. Hi Jenny ....You would be surprised at how many people young and old wash their hair in the bath
    I know what you mean about changing your page i am the same i must addmit that even though i put this one on i am not that happy with it, there doesn't seem to be anything that i really like i thought it was just me being extra fussy