Thursday, January 20, 2011



This is just to let you know how i know about the Dr's and dishing out pills etc,

My husband used to be a director of a folk lift truck company ( try saying that with a few inside you )
And he had a lot of dealings with a big pharmaceutical company called SMITH CLYN BEECHAM 
And he used to come home and tell me about all the things they offer Dr's to promote their drugs, it really was an eye opener,......also i had an experience with a Dr many years ago when i had my hysterectomy.....let me tell you about it 

After having said Hysterectomy they put me on HRT, i used to have the implants that lasted 6 months at a time, 
After the first 6 months i went back for the next one to be put in, i cant say that i felt anything but i did notice terrible head aches and just a feeling of not feeling well, i was sure it wasn't right and i went to see a lady Dr in our surgery thinking she would understand better, she fobbed me off telling me that " my body had to get used to it " i knew she wasn't right but went along with it thinking maybe i did have to give it time, along with the headaches i had terrible sweats at anytime of the day or night, again i knew it wasn't right but the thing was in there and there was nothing i could do about it

I have always been into natural remedies and therapies, along with my hairdressing i also do massage and also did Yoga for many years ( not so much now days but still do it ) so i know a bit about the body and how it works and i have always listened to my body and 9 times out of 10 i am always right
I used to have the paper delivered every day and once a month i had a health magazine delivered with it,
In the mag one month there was a big write up about the wild yam capsule  and from what i read to me it was all you needed to cope with things like hot flushes and all the other horrible things us women have to suffer
By this time i was getting up in the morning and couldn't move my legs, i used to have to sit on my bum and slide down the stairs and i felt terrible, really really ill

At the bottom of this article about the Wild Yam it said ....Talk to you Dr about it
So i made an appointment with the lady Dr ,
When i walked in and sat down and told her how i felt and that i wanted to try the wild Yam and i showed her the mag,
She fished down in the draw at the side of here and said .....Oh yes i have heard about that i have all the info here, but i haven't bothered to read it 
I said i would like to give it a try, and can i have it on prescription, she hummed and harred, i said if you like use me as a guinea pig, but i cannot carry on with this HRT it is killing me, she didn't want to help me but she did 
After about 3 weeks i felt like a different person, headaches went, hot sweats went my legs stopped hurting and i could move again
One morning i got a call from the surgery it was the practice nurse telling me that i could not have the wild yam on prescription anymore if i wanted to carry on taking it i would have to buy it from the health shop,
I did and i never looked back, and for anyone out there look up on Google the wild Yam you will be amazed at what it can do  and there are no drugs or side effects
I know now that i recommend it to lots of people and they have all had good results
I now will only go to a Dr if i have tried to cure something myself and it has not worked ie meaning it needs something like antibiotics which you can't buy over the counter

To be cont :


  1. Oh, Lo, you are EXACTLY right! When I went through menopause 14 yrs ago, right away the doc started me on HRT, too. Same prob you had and even more awful stuff, so I said NO to it and stopped. A decade later, all these "new studies" come out saying the percentage of so many cancers dramatically increases with those who take HRTs. I swear, you never know. I like more natural things as you do. "Sometimes" something else is needed but for the most part, we can take care of it just needs to be started when we are young to really have the right and long term effect.

  2. I wish I had know about this years ago. I never had the bad reactions that you did, thank goodness. I will tell my D_I_L about this and see if her symptoms leave. I don't think she's on HRT, but I'm gonna ask her.
    Thanks, Lo for this info.


    YES GG I WOULD TELL YOUR D.I.L ABOUT THE WILD YAM TELL HER TO LOOK UP ON GOOGLE AND READ ALL ABOUT IT,...I FOUND IT BRILLIANT AS I SAY WITHIN 3 WEEKS OF STARTING IT I FELT BETTER people just don't know about these things because Dr's dont tell you yet i am sure they are meant to