Friday, January 28, 2011



So this morning i worked then i had my lunch,  we didn't have any shopping to do so i layed on my bed and read the paper Yesterday's of course,  for those who know me you will know about the paper, for those who don't ....My husband gets a paper everyday, but he doesn't get it till late in the day and i like to read the paper while i am having my coffee, well after my coffee really, i lay and read the paper and then it sort of works my poo round some people like to walk around or do a bit of house work till they feel the need to go, Me i like to lay on my bed and read the paper, i because the hubby does not get the paper till late in the day i am always reading yesterdays paper today if you know what  i mean.....Anyway where was i
Oh ye.......... So work shopping ....paper......I am just dozing off  to have a nice siesta and there is a ring at the door bell, good job the hubby was in he went to see who it was, it was the telephone man,...bla bla bla in Spanish...... more bla bla bla.....then he  Say's in very broken English ....I needs to look the telephone ( perhaps he's never seen one before )..... the husband makes out he is a connerser in the matter and Say's  in Spanish....Si si....please ( by this time i am out of my bedroom siesta no chance now ) and points with his hand for the man to go downstairs to look the telephone .....Sorry he's got me at it look at the telephone......The man picks up the phone....he listens...he puts down the phone, I look at the husband and he Say's to me in broken English.....We have problem with the phone, i just look at him and and say very quietly....I'm English......The man makes a phone call and gabbles away in Spanish,......Then while he is on the phone he punches in some numbers and talks to who ever it is on the other end, he puts down the phone looks at some sort of hand held thingy he has, he phones who ever again...and they gabble away in Spanish, then he says to the husband something in Spanish, the husband just looks at him, then he falls in and realizes that the man is saying he wants to see the main box ( which is round the back of the house on the wall ) they get in their cars and go round there, they are round there for about half an hour, i think to myself oh well I'll put the computer on and do my blog, but i have no Internet so i phone the hubby from my mobile to tell him, i hear him tell the telephone man in broken Internet he says....i hear the mans voice and the husband repeats Internet, i say what shall i do shall i turn off the computer or just leave it, he tells me to just leave it the man is doing something he will phone me in a minute and see if it has come back on....I think to myself oh well i will go and do a wee ( pee) while i am waiting, i am just about to do said wee (pee ) and my mobile rings, so i hobble out of the loo pants round my ankles to answer the phone.....It is the husband and by then the Internet had come back on so i tell him it is ok now bye and i go and do my wee (pee ) and now i can tell you all about it

To be cont :


  1. I swear, Lorraine, you are so darn funny. Now I'm going to your next post to see what happened.

  2. Good lord, there isn't another post yet LOLLLL. I get so caught up in what you're saying that I always think there's more to come. Of course there is, it's just on another day :D

  3. What a day you have had that you missed your siesta it so funy bla bla in so on
    wee pee..don;t make wet your pant LO ha ha ha
    wait for next one...

  4. It was funny and I like the ' to be continued'. I had to leave your post and answer the door, so been here awhile.