Wednesday, January 26, 2011



Well i know i said i would put photos on here but my problem is that i have to wait for the hubby to do it because it always goes tits up when i try to do it so i am sorry but you will have to wait a bit longer, we are out tonight so it won't be today,

Just had an email from one of my very dear friends in the uk to tell me that her kidneys have packed up on her and she is now having to go for dialysis 3 times a week, poor thing and she said she feels really bad at the moment she said she doesn't seem to be able to keep any food down, I don't know anything about dialysis so i don't know if it is part of it, and if she is not feeling that good she will not feel like explaining it all, i feel so sorry for her she has always been a very active person with going to art classes and going away on little holidays sometimes to do with art and others just for the hell of it she has just turned 76 Yesterday which is no age at all these days, it just shows you you never know what is in store for you 

A very calm day here today, no rain and it was a quiet night i don't know if we will get anymore bad weather after all it is our so called rainy season so there could be

Going out tonight down the mountain to see some friends just for drinks and nibbles and a good old natter ( yarn )

To be cont :


  1. So sorry about your friend. I hope she gets better or maybe a transplant.

  2. Thank you GG ...Unfortunatly i don't think she will be able to have a transplant as she has a very weak heart and they don't think she will be able to stand one it is sad really because she was so active

  3. Let hope she will be able to transplant in near future because one of my friends husband has one three years ago (his wife kidneys) and he have had bad heart as well but he is getting well.