Sunday, January 30, 2011



I am still waiting for the hubby to put the photos of the animals at the zoo there are not many only about 2 or 3 and he promises he will do it today....I wont hold my breath

Went out for a meal last night it was to a Tapas bar that we have been told many times about but never been to, the food was good but neither the hubby or I liked the place they had the football on and it was very loud, i wanted to go and sit outside but it was a bit chilly and the lady we were with didn't want to, if we went again i would want to sit outside, but as i say the food was good

It has been raining here nearly all night and again this morning up till about an hour ago, it has stopped and dried up but by the look of the sky i think we have some more to come, i feel sorry for the holiday makers because it is not cheap to come here, i blame  the travel agents they should tell people when they book that it is the rainy season

Well i think that's it for this one, phone and computer working ok after man fixed it all, quiet cold here today well it feels it anyway i have even got my slippers on which for those that know me is very unusual

To be cont :


  1. Tapas bars. Those are fairly new here, about 2 years now. I haven't even tried it but hear the "little bites" are sooooo good! Well, I hardly ever get out anymore just to play. When my friend, Lee, is better and tax time is done, THEN I'm heading out just for me.
    You and your slippers today and me and my socks. I'm always barefoot, so you're right, it's very unusual :D

  2. Nice photos.That plant is interesting and scary looking, looks like green snakes. I never were shoes in the house, just house shoes.

  3. I go back to the the Tapas bar because I love a good food too.
    You know I come from Japan and we never wear shoes inside home and we cleaned the floor for everyday:-)