Monday, January 31, 2011



Well today here is very cold must be about 60 /65 now to a lot of people they will say that is warm but when you are used to temps of 80 and more all the time 60 feels cold,

Well Jenny i don't know about 7 things about myself but here are a few..........

My favourite colour is black i am in it all the time even as i write this, i do like colours but i don't have the pluck to wear them, i like olive green ( i would wear that ) orange and lemon but wouldn't wear them

Favourite dinner.....Slow roast shoulder of lamb with roast potato's fresh greens gravy and mint source
Favourite pudding.... apple and pear crumble with vanilla ice cream

Favourite thing to do.....Lay in bed reading,i like autobiographies can't be doing with soppy love stories

Past times....I like to draw in pencil ( easy to correct mistakes )...I like 2 soaps on the TV that i watch every week without fail...they are Eastenders and Coronation street, and i like the odd nature programme

I walk every where bare feet and even when i go out i only wear flip flops i hate things on my feet, i even work barefoot 

I like cats rather than dogs, but if i had a dog i would have a grey hound or a whippet 

I don't drink or smoke

Music....I like blues ( real blues ) and songs from the 60's and some classic music, don't like opera

Cant stand people who tell lies, my motto is if you can't tell the truth don't say anything

I love to hear about other peoples lives, call me nosy if you like ....what can i tell you i am a hairdresser we are all nosy...its part of our training ha ha 

I love the smell of cut grass and the sea

Blimey i never thought i had 7 things about me but i see i have put more than 7....sorry Jenny i got carried away

Oh and here's one more i like my friends, those that i have only met here and on facebook and those that i know personally back in the uk

To be cont :


  1. Well, the hairdresser and bartenders hear it all, I guess. I agree about liars , keep the lies to yourselves, we don't want to hear it. Sorry about my soapbox.
    60's are cold to me too coz we don't get much sunshine in the apartment, except for awhile in Kassey's bedroom.

  2. I thought your 7+ were just great! We have lots in common actually. You'd love my blues collection -- yes, "real" blues. Whew, I'm just watering up for that apple/pear crumble with ice cream. Omg, does that ever sound scrumptious! I'm the same as you about cats. I completely adore all animals and would take them all, but if I had to choose only one kind, it would be cats for sure. Even when I could just speak as a little child, mom said that every day I would tug on her hem and say, "I want cat!" So at 4, I got my first of a long, long line of cats to this very day.
    Ok, I'm going to stop typing before I write an entire blog on your page.
    I am so glad we are friend, Lorraine :D

  3. GG... you can stand on your soap box all day if you like i will even bring you a sandwich and a coffee...usually our temps here are around 80 so it does feel very cold at the moment we even got our little fire out, it is a sure sign of climate change...oh well summers coming

    Jenny...Ha ha i could have gone on Jenny but i thought i better not, wouldn't it be good if we could all meet can you imagine all the things we would talk about it would be great, and yes i am glad we are friends as well thank you