Monday, January 10, 2011


, and MONDAY..........

Why is it that when someone See's you buying something like cake or sweets they automatically think it is for you, ............Let me tell you what happened this morning when we went shopping

There is a lady that comes to me sometimes to have here hair done, don't ask me why she only comes sometimes i have no idea, anyway she is German this lady but had been in Briton for a long time and lost nearly all her accent, she just has a little bit of an accent now,.......... Now i buy these frozen cream slices for Simon he likes them after dinner, i don't like them for a start i think they are too sweet
Anyway this morning we are in the supermarket and we are nearly finished ( i leave frozen things till the end because in this heat they defrost very quickly )and as luck would have it the deep freeze bit where they sell these cakes is up near the till ,
I am just reaching into the freezer to get said cakes and i hear her voice say, " zat vont doo you any gud " and in the next breath she Say's HEPPY NEW YEAR ............I said oh ! these are for Simon, she just gave me a look as if to say Ye pull the other one or should i say  " pull ze odda one"......He just stood there and didn't say a word i felt like belting him, when we got down to the car park i said why didn't you say something to back me up, then he put on his snooty voice you know the one he uses when he knows he is wrong....Oh he said i didn't hear what she said.......Ye couldn't miss it she said it loud enough, 
Well this afternoon he is doing a job on her car so i said you make sure you put Marga right  and tell her that those cakes were for you...Yes petal he said , but i bet he doesn't
I know i am a bit over weight specially round the tummy area but i think i have told you before that all the muscles down there are shot to bits after a botched up hysterectomy........why is that if you have a slight problem in that area that people just assume that you stuff your face with lots of fatterning things, i am only 5ft 1in so of course it looks worse on me

To be cont :

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  1. That was one silly lady to say that to you. Of course, on the other hand, if I had been standing there with the cake, or pies, or ANYTHING, yep, it would have been all mine :D
    That woman was just an old crabby person.