Sunday, February 20, 2011



I say bull shit, because it surprised me how some people that you think are intelligent enough to know better can be taken in by bull shit....Let me explain

Our friends down the mountain we will call them K & J have been going on for some time now about an American couple that have been on the island for about 9/ 10 years, these people had a bar / restaurant on another part of the island and they have just taken over what used to be the Travellers Rest just down the mountain we went in for coffee on Monday after the meeting granted they are a very nice couple, but they have bull shitted our friends into believing that all they cook in the Travelers is fresh and from scratch,  but last night the hubby and i went down there with  K&J to sample this, For those who know me you will know that i spent several years with an American and nearly married him,and you will also know that i love anything American, we ordered several things off of his tapas board so that we could share, for a start we had to wait a very long time for the food to come to the table, then K&J had been going on about these pancakes that they do Apple and cinnamon so we ordered those for pudding and i was really expecting something special, the Tapas came but it was nothing special and we have had better at other places, and it was not freshly cooked, the Russian salad was out of a container, as was the fish and other bits that we had they were all pre prepared and just heated, i might add here that they have a very small galley kitchen so there is not a lot of room to prepare fresh food from scratch, Also the portions were very small there was 5 of us at the table and we all ordered something different to share, and i ordered fish strips in batter and he only brought 3 we had to ask him for more which meant a longer wait, in fact the guy that was with us went and asked him for some bread , Anyway we got through the main and the hubby and i waited with baited breath  for these amazing apple cinnamon pancakes, when they came to the table we just looked at each other, they were pre prepared pancakes that she had taken from a packet or box you could just tell they were not home cooked and they came with a tiny bit of sliced apple with cinnamon sprinkled on and a drop of maple syrup that didn't taste like maple syrup, so all in all we were disappointed, if we went in there again i would order something else, and if i want pancakes again i will make my own they are far better
What got us more than anything was the way our friends carried on about this couple and how fantastic their food was, I am all for praising when it is due but this wasn't, the hubby and I have been to lots of places around the world and tasted good and bad food and i would say that the food we had last night was up with the bads.

To be cont :

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  1. Sorry you had disappointed the foods at the restaurnt, I hated that it happent me too.
    I know mostly restaurant does pre pared heat again that I don't like very much either...
    Some people are can't tell that differnce between really good foods and just foods?
    Have a nice day,