Sunday, February 6, 2011



I didn't write yesterday and i will tell you why.........

At the end of last year i found a cousin of mine on Facebook his father and mine were brothers, and of course we have been catching up on family  there are 5 of that side of the family, see many years ago when i was a little girl i remember my uncle coming to see us, both my father and his brother liked a drink, and i always remember when ever my uncle came over out would come the whiskey, of course in those days i didn't know what it was, any how one Sunday they had a drink and they had this terrible row and fight and they stopped talking to each other so i never saw my uncle again who i might add i was very fond forward to when i was in my 30's and had 2 children of my own, i got to thinking about my uncle and wondered if he was still alive, i started to search for him that was long before i knew anything about computers, I went to our local library and looked in the phone book of the aria in London that i last new he lived and low and behold he was in there so i took the address and went home to write him a letter never thinking for one minute that i would get a reply
But a couple of weeks later i got a lovely letter from him, and i sent him a letter back telling him that i was coming to London on a certain date and i would go and see him, at that time my ex husband was in London and he used to have the girls on school holidays, so i took the girls to him and then went with my mum to see my uncle, who i found was not in good health and all 5 of his children were very young, a few weeks after my visit he died and of course i lost touch with that side of the family who lived in London and i lived on the south coast

I am now in touch with 2 of the cousins and she asked me if i could send her a photo of my dad as she never knew him,
Now all the photos that i have are in a tin or bags ( you know what its like ) and all said photos are down in what my husband calls the dungeon ( underground car park and big lock up cupboard down at the other house )so off we go down there to have a look, we have to pull nearly the whole of the cupboard out to get the the box's where the photo's are  ( they have never been unpacked from when we moved here )
While we have it all out i say to the husband....look while we are doing this it would be a good idea to sort through all the box's and throw away what we are not going to take back to the uk with us when the time comes not only that maybe we can whittle it down so that we don't have to have a container which of course will be cheaper, ( sounds like a good idea to me )
Well you would have thought i had just asked him to cut off his right arm, you should have seen the face on it, and he started walking backwards and forwards like he was lost........whats the big deal said I,......( in his snooty voice he say's )........well well i didn't know we were going to do this  .....So i said we are doing nothing else today so why not take the opportunity to do this now while we have it all out of the cupboard, it has to be done at some point, well it was just like someone had just come and stolen his brain, he just couldn't get to grips with it ( what is it with men that they can't think of more than one thing at a time )......Anyway i started doing the box's and he ended up helping me, unfortunately we didn't manage to throw a lot away but we did get the box's sorted and ready so that when the time comes the man just has to load the box's in his truck and i found the photo's that i will sort through in the week, like most family's there are thousands of them and the cupboard in the dungeon is neat and tidy it looked like a hurricane had been through it before, and after all that the husband realised what a good idea it had been....BLOODY MEN !

To be cont :


  1. Glad you are getting in touch with your family, FB is the place to do it.

  2. So glad to heard you had reunited with your uncle
    I have small family and I am only child.
    see you.