Wednesday, February 2, 2011



Now i don't know if i should be owning up to this, but what the hell i am sure we have all been there at some time in our lives so i say i am entitled.......Oh god i don't know if i can bring myself to tell i can't....NO.......oh alright then but promise you wont think bad of me i am not normally like this , are you sitting down...big announcement coming up............

TODAY I HAVE STAYED IN MY DRESSING GOWN ALL DAY.....There i've said it...............
Now i want you to understand i don't normally do things like this, but i woke up this morning after a very disturbed night, you see we don't have windows  in this house there are just doors yes i thought it a bit odd when i first came here, but here on this island it is not unusual, we have doors with metal security blinds that pull down and at night i pull the blinds down but open the door on the inside so i have air and when it is very hot well most of the time really i have the ceiling fan on, god help me when i am buried i will have to ask them to leave a whole for me so the air can get in, ....anyway i blind down door open and it is still very windy here, i read my book and get that lovely sleepy feeling come over me so i do a wee ( pee ) and turn off the light and drift into a lovely sleep full of good spirits about what i had planed to do today after my good sleep....WRONG !

At 3.15 this morning i am woken by a sort of clanging noise, it takes a bit of time to come too and realise what it was.....It was the wind blowing so hard against the blind that it was making this clanging noise, so then i have to get up because...yes you guessed it i had to do a wee (pee ), On my way back to bed  ( all this in the dark by the way ) i pull the cord of said shutter a little and it does the trick....good job bat man i think to myself, but then i am sort of awake but i lay down in bed a snuggle down and then my brain is awake and it wont shut off, i try some yoga good...I try some self good, then the brain is working over time and doesn't want to sleep it is wondering  what to do for dinner today, and that if this wind Carry's on it will be good to put washing in, and then it's back to what we are going to have to eat tonight, then at some point i must have dropped off again, and when i woke up at shock horror 8 am, i dragged myself out of bed because now i didn't want to get up, the wind was still winding and still is as i write this, anyway as i said before it feels quite cold here so for the first time since we came here 5 years ago i put my dressing gown on,....Yes it was clean it is hanging on a hook on the back of my door, and every month or so i give it a wash just to freshen it up really not because it needs it anyway on goes said dressing gown and it is still on.......You can call me what you like i don't care i am not getting dressed today at all it is now 3.15pm so it is not worth it anyway and .....I DON'T CARE.....and as for something to eat tonight the husband can bring in take  out probably Mc donalds chicken burger with small Fry's....that'll do for me.

To be cont :


  1. Hey, it doesn't bother me how you dress in your home. Wow, no windows, can't imagine it. I recall from my youth seeing an underground house, but it did have windows showing. Enjoy your day.

  2. I think everyone is entitled to dressing gown days. Ok, so I can be a slug, I don't care. Worked all my life and now it's my turn to throw out the clock. But...remember the young days when we did NOT have to get up to pee? I miss those ;)

  3. LOL what Jen said! Hey, it's your castle and ya can do whatya want. No windows? Is this a security thing?

  4. You can do it what you like do that not only you
    though some time in winter time I had my pajama on too but make sure no visit lol!
    No window that I never heard of it..
    May be an Island style:-)

  5. I know the no window thing amazed me when we first came here...i will take photo's so you can see what i mean

    By the way i have been a good girl today showered and dressed...I think it did me good to have a slob day

  6. I wouldn't mind a dressing gown day, Lo, but I think the regular dog walkers would have a double take, but hey, it would maybe be fun.
    I can't imagine not having windows either, but then I don't live where you are, also no one can peek in and see you even if you were in the noddy.