Sunday, February 27, 2011



Well the hubby has finally done it  it took him 2 days to try and put my drawings on my blog and finally about half an hour ago he said he had managed to do it, so for anyone who would like to see my drawings, on the right hand side there you will see MY GALLERY please just click on it and it will take you straight there i hope you enjoy them

As i think i have said before that i was a late comer to art, i always felt that i could do it but never had anyone to show me how until in our local paper i saw an add for night school that said..... DRAWING FOR THE TERRIFIED .....I thought ...that's me shit scared, but wanted to do it so i went along and found that i could draw, a lot of you might look at them and say no she can't...but i am quite proud of them and i would have liked my mum to see them but sadly she didn't

Thank you Arlene for all your help, but everything we tried to go into would only let us go so far and we couldn't seem to get past certain points, so Simon fiddled about and managed to do what he has done but as i say it took him 2 days to do it poor thing but he wouldn't give up till he had done something

To be cont : 


  1. Yes! I look up your Gallery It is very nice
    Specially the couples birds are sweet though you were lucky to Simon help you :-)

  2. Thank you Michiko yes i am lucky to have Simon help me otherwise i would really be in trouble and not be able to do anything, i am just no good on the computer i don't understand half of what they are saying

  3. That's a good effort Lo or should I say Simon, I see there was a Wix website logo I can't understand why you couldn't make a proper website. maybe you'll have another go, as you only unfortunately have thumbnails, it would be nice to see them in original size as they look quite good.

  4. Thanks Arlene
    We had terrible trouble but si being si will not let it rest until he has mastered it but for now what i have will have to do