Saturday, February 19, 2011



I am cross, let me tell you why

The other week as you know we cleaned out our lock up cupboard down in our garage, in said cupboard was 2 big box's of books which we sorted through and put all those that we didn't want in a big pallet and the husband took them down to the one and only card shop here where she has shelves that she puts second hand books on and people do a book exchange, now there must have been about 200 pounds worth of books i this pallet if not more,
When he came back from the card shop i said ...what did she say....he said....she said ...Well i can't give you anything now, but when you come in to get cards ( which i do often, because it is the only place) When you come in again to get cards we will see what we can do, Makes you laugh doesn't it like she is doing us a big favour......Anyway this morning we are in the big mall in our main town, and i say while we are here i will go into the paper shop and get Maxine  ( my oldest daughter  ) a birthday card, they don't have many and it is all Spanish,...........He pipes up and Say's, why don't we go down to ***** **** ( He Say's the name of the shop ) you will get them for nothing as she owes us for the books
So off we go to said shop, when we get there i choose 3 cards and when we get to the till where the lady is standing, he puts the cards on the counter and she starts to add them up, so he Say' his extra posh business voice,....errr and don't forget we are going to come to an arrangement for the books, at this point i keep schtum, ...she looks at him and Say's,....Oh no i can't give you money off of the cards, Oh he Say' this point i step in and say but i gave you about 200 pounds worth if not more of books, she Say's well i can't give you 200 pounds, i said well i don't expect that not for a minute, but surly you can do something, ....Now the thing that made me cross is that this women was going off on one telling me that that's not how it works and how much she sells the books for and what so and so gave her and what she gave him and where the books had come from and where they were going and she went on and on till i said ...look i don't really want to know all that, I gave you 200 pounds worth of books if not more surely there is something you could do to show appreciation after all i do spend a lot of money in here, and the husband just stood there letting her spout off at me, and it was him that started it by saying that she was going to give us something off cards next time we brought,
When we got outside i said ......Why didn't you back me up, after all it was you that said to come here because she owed us for the books, then he made it worse by saying no he didn't,but he did and said the same in the mall, so now i am having a go at him because he lied to me and i can't stand lies and to make it worse he is trying to wiggle out of it so he doesn't have to take any the moment as i write this i am angry and not talking to him so he is trying to be extra nice he has just made me a cup of tea
Do you know i have come to the conclusion that he changes on a Saturday and becomes someone else who i don't like very much.

To be cont:


  1. Looks like the lady lied. You're due something for the books.

  2. I think the card shops lady has cheat your hubby. wait see what happpent in next???

  3. The pictures are very nice,he has done a good be gentle with him :-)

  4. He is fogiven now but he knows he messed up