Monday, February 28, 2011



Do you know i was thinking the other day about us women and what a raw deal we have in life, lets have a look at what we have to go through...........
when we are young like around 11 / 12 for some girls we start our periods, now not all of us are  lucky enough to have this without all the things that go with it, for some of us it is very painful, for others it is very heavy, and for some of us that were unlucky enough to have it both heavy and painful it was no joke, for a start sometimes it would just appear when you were not prepared for it so there you would be with nothing but a big wodd of toilet paper shoved in your knickers until you could get home, then later in life you have to put up with pushing something out of you that feels like a house and the pain is just indescribable, even though when it is over you do forget the  pain bit and yes you look at that lovely little baby that you have carried for 9 months and you can't believe that you did this ( that's the nice part of us poor women ) and then you have to do it all again a couple of years or a year after, now some of us want to do it again and some of us don't have a choice
Then you are for the next god knows how many years a skivvy to someone plus the children that you have had, you wash you cook you clean you are up all night when they are not well you have to go out in all weathers to shop whether you want to or not even if you are feeling crook yourself  you have to think for every one in the family because you get ....Mum wheres my etc then from the husband / partner its wheres my clean shirt, have you washed my what ever, and through all this you are still getting periods every month that sometimes are worse when you have had children and to go with these you are now getting headaches backache and feeling tired all the time, so there you are cooking cleaning shopping oh and don't forget the husband or partner who still expects you lay on your back and open your legs to please him even if you do have a headache ( which to you men that might be reading this yes we do get ) and not surprising when you think of what we do in a day
Then the kids grow up and go out on there own....yeah ! but then we have another set of problems we are going through the change...Oh what a joy, feeling irritable, getting hot sweats in the night when you are so tired you can't even think straight, the headaches are back with a vengeance and to top it all you are now putting on weight and blowing up like a balloon and you can't get anything to fit you because all the cloths in the shops are made for young thin girls with legs that go on for ever
And what about the husband / Partner.....He gets up in the morning has his breakfast most times made by you, kisses all goodbye and is gone for the day, he comes home sits down to a dinner that you have cooked then sits in front of the telly  and then goes to bed...( busy isn't he )
I am lucky i do have a husband that does help but there are not a lot of women that have a good husband that helps, i could name about 6 /7 that don't have husbands that help
So all in all like i said we get a raw deal.

To be cont :


  1. I was luckily no pain for me and no problems in my life changing time either an Asian countries women have a little difference body??
    But all other things that we get as same as yours.

  2. Ha ha ...Sorry Arlene, but i was watching one born every minute on telly and it just struck me at what a raw deal us women have