Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Now you are probably not going to believe what i am going to tell  you now but i swear on the life of my family and friends that it is the absolute truth.

I am coming up to 65 this year and for the first time in my life i have brought something over the computer where i have had to use my plastic card, I have never had to do it before as the husband usually does any stuff like that and pays with his card,
And i have always paid for anything i want cash, so i have never needed a card of any sort , and because I have always paid cash i have never had to write out a check either I wouldn't even know how to do that  even though i have got a check book, I must be about the only person in the world that has never written out a check or paid for anything over the computer by card as it seems to be the norm now days, call me old fashion but i have managed very well over the years without having these things, but living over here there are certain things that we just can not buy so doing it on line is our only option, like the books we read that we order on line from Waterstones or Amazon but the hubby always does that, It was not as hard as i thought it would be  but i don't think i will be making a habit of it even though now i know how to do it, I am not the sort of person that will buy things just because the means are there anyone that knows me will tell you that i have never been the sort that just buys for the sake of, I have a friend that can't understand how i can go out with lets say 100 pounds in my pocket and come back with  100 pounds still in my pocket, I will only buy things if i need them , don't get me wrong i am not tight ( like the husband ) and anyone who knows me will tell you i would give you my last penny if you needed it  But i really don't see the point in buying just for the sake of it.

To be cont :


  1. It's wise not to buy when you're not in need of anything. I like saving more than spending.

  2. I understand that you don't buy everything you saw them at shops, but I bought things and I don't used or not wear often enough ..I will be more carefully in future:-)