Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Why is it that some people just don't give a toss about others ?, Last week we went into our local hardware store because there is a man that works in there that makes water features as you know i have been after one for a while now, he does 3 different styles but he doesn't have them rigged up so that you can number one see them working and number two so that you can hear them as anyone who knows anything about water features will know that they sound different depending on the design,
So last week when we were in there he said that if we came in this week  he would have them set up and working so we could see and hear them, we made arrangements with him for today at 10.30am So off the hubby and I go and get there on time ( anyone who knows me will know that i am a stickler for being on time )
The water features were not set up and the man was not there, the owner of the shop started running around trying to set the things up but he was getting in a flap because he couldn't find certain bits, he sort of half got one of the features working but there was a problem with it which made him even more frustrated, in the end i said ...Look leave it we will come back another time....
Now how stupid is that the man has now lost a sale which would have been about 100 € and we would not recommend anyone to go in there, I wouldn't mind but when last week i asked to see them working he said i was not the first to ask, so you would think wouldn't you that he would have them working to he could make sales which is after all what he is trying to do......It just doesn't make sense to me.

To be cont : 


  1. In some way that is good results because if he has set up with the water features and not working...
    It going to make a mess of the water features??
    AND you are going to boiling mad:-)
    Find someone has more knowledge of the water features.

  2. Thank you Michico
    I wish i could find someone else but sadly he is about the only one that we know of perhaps thats why he is so not interested
    Hope all your family and friends are safe after the terrible thing that happened in Japan
    My thoughts are with you