Thursday, April 14, 2011



CANCER is such a terrible thing no matter where you get it, I wonder if they will ever find a cure for every type of cancer,

What has prompted this you might ask .......Well last night I spoke to one of my very dear friends in the UK on skype, I had not heard from her for a few weeks which was unusual as we usually speak one way or another every Sunday
On Wednesday this week I phoned her house phone because I thought Wednesday was her day off, I spoke to her husband who said she had changed her day off, and that she had things to tell me

Last night she came on skype and told me that she has been diagnosed with BOWEN'S DISEASE, It is on her leg down by her ankle and they are treating it with cream, but if that doesn't work they will have to try and cut it out, lets hope it doesn't come to that

Like a lot of people my husband and I have left money to Cancer research in our wills as we have both been affected by it with friends or family, But I really don't think they will  find a cure for it not in our lifetime anyway

To be cont :


  1. Let's hope somebody find out medicine in near future:-)
    It is awful disease and no waning signs..
    especially for younger children's get one too.
    I hope I can died awhile asleep:-)
    I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Thank you Michiko that is very kind of you...Yes it upsets me when I see that a child has got cancer they don't even get a chance to start their life
    Have a good week xxxxxx

  3. It's a great money maker, in my opinion. And I believe they know what causes it. I could be wrong of course.
    I'm sorry your friend has this disease on her leg and hope she gets it healed.