Saturday, April 2, 2011



I don't think I have told you what happened to the new pond fish,.........
As I think I told you  a few weeks ago P gave us her pond liner because ours kept leaking water and she was getting rid of her pond liner and fish because she was fed up with them, she is much more a dog person,
Anyway about 3 weeks ago now the husband comes home with the fish from P's pond and puts them in with our fish they all seem very happy swimming about and probably glad that they have clean water, and then the next day he came with said pond liner and goes through the laborious task of emptying out our pond cleaning her pond line and then placing it in the space we have and then putting all the fish back in the clean pond, we decided that we needed more fish so we go to the fish shop to get some more, already in the pond is gold fish orange and yellow some guppies, plus the fish P gave us which were goldfish miniature koi, so we decide to add to these and go and get some more,
  4 more gold fish and 4 more miniature  koi after the usual thing you do when introducing new fish to a pond we tip them in, they all seem ok and we settle down for the evening.
The next morning at my usual time of about 8am I go to feed the fish to find all the guppies laying dead there must have been about 20 or so of them, I scoop them out with the net and then  wash the  net, I go back to the pond and feed the fish they don't seem as keen as they always do but I put it down to being moved,
Later that day there was 2 more dead fish this time the gold fish, I can't understand it they have clean aerated water and I had opened a new tub of food
From then on every day last week we woke up to dead fish, Come Thursday and we only have 4 fish left and still they are dying I said to the husband that he should take the last goldfish a big one to the vet and ask what they think it is telling them about the clean pond etc, the vet said that it was the fish that have a disease, now at this stage we don't know if it was P's fish that brought the disease into the pond or the last lot from the fish lady, the vet gave the husband some stuff to put in the water and she said it would kill anything that might be in there but the fish would be ok We never had the chance to do this, Friday morning the last 3 fish were goners, so last night the husband  emptied out all the water gave it all a good clean and then filled it up with fresh water and put the stuff the vet gave us in, then turned on the pump so that said stuff could do its magic on the water fall and every thing 

This morning we go off to the fish place and the husband did a translation telling the women what had happened and what the vet said, but she would not have it that it was maybe her fish that had brought the disease into the pond and of course we can't prove it, But we did note that she had got rid of the koi tank and she didn't have anymore, so we just brought 4 gold fish 2 yellow 2 orange that are at this moment swimming around quite happily so we will just have to wait and see what happens,
I said to the husband if it happens again we should tell the vet where we brought them and get her to write a note of some kind to the lady in the pet shop, so watch this space

To be cont :


  1. That's surely a bummer. Sorry for your loss, not only the fish but the money spent. It sounds like the pet shop lady knew of the disease.

  2. Yes GG thats what I think but I don't know how we can proove it,
    we brought 4 new one yesterday and 2 are dead today we just don't understand it.