Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Well obviously over the weekend my hubby and I talked about the situation with my hairdresser, I knew I would not hear anything Monday because her doesn't open on a Monday,.....But low and behold  this morning I get a phone call from some women who say's....Oh hello is that Lorraine, yes say's I....this is and she said the name of the salon, this is P's friend D.....( in that split second I thought she is either going to tell me that he has topped himself or the salon is closing )....remember I told you last week about his partner walking out on him and how devistated he was 
She carried on to say he is closing the salon and do you want any bits, I said I will be down in about half an hour

So I went down to the salon he looked terrible and I really felt sorry for him although a little thought at the back of my mind said ....Is this a put up job .....
Anyway we talked for a bit and I ended up buying an excelirater from him it is the only thing i don't have, he wasn't in the mood for talking much so i just wished him luck said I would miss him and said goodbye,
At lunch time the hubby and I were talking about it, and he said ....there is more to that story than what you know, you wait and see.
The only thing that gets me more than anything ( and I am sorry if this sounds selfish ) is the fact that now  I have got to find another hairdresser and that is easier said than done here.

To be cont :

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