Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Well what a carry on this morning.........It was my morning to go to my hairdresser and I was looking forward to getting a cut more than anything,my usual day with him is Tuesday but I was unwell all weekend and still feeling not that good yesterday so I canceled and made it for today.......

So when I went in he greeted me and we started talking about things he had brought back with him from the wholesalers in the uk as he had just been home for a week, I thought he was a bit quiet and looking drawn and tired, then he said ....Well Lorriane  do you want a bit of gossip........Oh said I need you ask you know I love a bit of gossip.............Well Steve and I have broken up he has left me and is back in the uk,......I thought he was messing about and I said .........Ye right and he said...he has honest then he burst out crying
I felt so sorry for him, it is bad enough when it happens to women but to see a man beside himself with grief was quite unbearable, all I could do was give him a cuddle,
Then he got himself together a bit and told me all about it, his partner had cleared out while he was at work, cleaned out the joint back account and taken his residentcia and passport...God knows why he took them they are really no good to him as they are in P's name 
He carried on and put my tint on breaking away every few minutes to have a cry, he looked terrible he has not eaten since last Friday when it all happened
He got as far as washing off my tint and as he came to the end of it he just completely broke down, so I said look P just leave my hair phone any clients and cancel them and go and sort yourself out, there are things that he needs to do that can not wait  and to make things worse it is a bank holiday here this I never got my cut but it can wait and at the moment he may not have given it as good a cut as he usually does the poor thing is in such a state, on my advice he has closed the salon until next week

To be cont :


  1. Sorry to hear that you has been not well...
    and you need to face his problems..
    hope everything works out for him.
    I wish a Happy Easter for you with your Husband.

  2. Oh dear, poor guy, I hope he gets over it soon, and hope you're feeling better.