Monday, May 2, 2011



Well I have to say that I was very impressed with the security guard in our supermarket today, let me explain.........

The hubby and I were in said supermarket, now usually the security guard just walks back and forth ( what a boring job that must be ), just waiting for someone to step out of line so you can do something...Anyway......behind me at the till was another couple then behind them was this group of young men about late 20's early 30's I would say and they were very rowdy, from what i could hear of the way they spoke I think they were German
Anyway the security guard noticed them  ( well you couldn't help but notice them ) and there is always one that is the mouth piece with one of the others who joins in and trys to be like the main mouthpiece, and the security guard jumped into action just in case they coursed trouble at the till, he closed all the little security gates by each till and then stood like a mountain at the end of our till ( he is big ) 
I don't know if he had trouble from them as we left, I wanted to hang around and see what happened but I had frozen stuff and wanted to get it to the cool bag in the car quickly
I have never in the 5 years of being here seen the security guard jump into action like that, as I say I was most impressed, and I bet the guard was gagging thinking to himself ...Great a bit of action at last....

To be cont :


  1. Blessings....
    glad it was unevenful and nothing came of it. Sounds like the security guard was doing his job as young people in group can sometimes be a bit rowdy.

    Take care and stay blessed.

  2. Gatherings of kids somehow ends up in trouble of sorts. Glad the big security man was alert.