Sunday, June 26, 2011



Now as all those who know me know that I don't cook on a Saturday, we always go out for Chinese or tapas or we just make do with what we have in the house

Last night we went to a place here that they call el capitan's,........Now a few months ago we went to this place with  another couple that had been raving about it, and the husband an I were not impressed at all with it there was very loud football on and a lot of shouting when goals were scored the food was good but we just didn't enjoy all the noise
Anyway last night we thought we would give in one more chance as I say the food was good,..........

Well I am here to tell you that we have now found a new place to eat, as you know we were getting a bit fed up with the Chinese.....form now on el capitan's is the place to be sat night
We had an absolutely fabulous meal and the atmosphere was sooo nice, and just as we finished our meal a couple of guys with guitars came along  and played Spanish music all in all we have now changed our minds about el capitans not only that we found out that they change the menu every week even the tapas menu so you are never likely to have the same thing.......all in all LETS HEAR IT FOR EL CAPITANS

To be cont :

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