Thursday, June 30, 2011



I am very happy today as I have spent years looking for my ex sister in law with no luck until today when I found her on Facebook, we ended up talking to each other for over and hours

Well I think we have cracked it with the hornets thank you to anyone that sent me idea's on how to do away with them, we ended up spraying the nest and the queen with some strong stuff called Bloom and it has worked a treat

Right off to write my ex sister in law a nice long mail as promised telling her all what has happened to me since  being in touch aw god knows how many years ago must be well over 30

To be cont :


  1. Hiya Lo, managed at last to get round to you, I used to complain about not getting many comments, although I still don't, to be honest it's just as well as I'd never get time to get round them all. And i like to reply to people's comments when they leave any, but between gardening and blogs my time is more than made up. It must be a lovely feeling catching up with your relation, you'll be chatting for ages trying to catch up, how exciting for you. Your site looks very fresh and you seem to be getting it just as you want it.
    Bet you're glad you got rid of the hornet's nest,, could have been nasty.
    Catch you again. Take care

  2. It was a good news that you found your sister-in law. It is fantastic things having the internet.
    Wish happy weekend.

  3. Hi Girls

    Thank you for your comments....I wish there was a way to answer each separately
    But the answer is more or less the same to both of you

    Yes it has been so good to speak to my ex sister-in -law we always got on very well together it is a shame that her and my brother just grew apart still that's life so they say
    Great to hear from you two as well I am sorry I don't write every day now because there really is nothing to write about but I am always thinking of you both and I do read your blogs even if I don't always leave a message,
    Love as always
    Lo xxxxxx