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Now I don't know if i have said this before, but we don't seem to have  bee's here but we do have hornets....big hornets.....Now normally they don't seem to come in the house but over the last week we have had something very spooky and strange happen here....Let me tell you about it 

On Monday morning I was sitting outside having my coffee, and this hornet kept coming and hovering by the door not actually going in just hovering outside, I didn't really take that much notice because you get used to them doing that, and it seems that as long as you leave them alone they leave you alone.....I carried on with my day and forgot about the hornet, the next day it was back again hovering by the door but not actually going in.......and then on Wednesday as I opened the shutter the hornet shot in like a bullet, it flew around as if it was looking for something again I didn't take too much notice but it did puzzle me as to why it went in to  house, all through the day it kept going away and coming back and going into the house to the same spot, late in the afternoon i noticed that it had started building a nest they look like little cone shaped clay pots with a whole in the top....when the husband came in I told him about it and showed him where it was building and he got on a ladder and knocked it off and cleaned the aerier with multi purpose cleaning fluid and i thought that was the end of it
But low and behold on Thursday it came back again and there was now 2 of them, almost as if she had said to the other one ....I know I built a nest there and now it's gone, you come and have a look
Anyway these 2 hornets now are flying round my house upstairs and down and all round where the first nest was, all day they kept coming back and going away and coming back again, then late Yesterday afternoon they seemed to go and not come back, and I thought we have cracked it they have gone.....WRONG
This morning I was in the salon and the husband was out doing a job, I came out of the salon about 12.15....and both these hornets were back again flying all round where the first nest was and all round the house as if they were looking for it, I said to the husband I don't like this it's creepy I was under the impression that they never came in the house, anyway the husband and I went shopping and thought no more of it, came back from shopping put it all away had some lunch and then I went up to my room for a siesta, well I read the paper and sort of just dozed, came out of my room about 2.15, went to go downstairs to make a cup of tea and noticed on the ceiling where the first nest was there was now another spooky is that....It is as if she said ....I WILL BUILD MY NEST THERE.....It is in an odd place it is right on the corner and the edge of the wall where the balcony is....I will see if I can get a photo 
Anyway the husband and I were talking about it wondering what to do as I don't really want them making nests in the house, he said he would knock it off again, but I think if she is determined to build where she has, she will just keep coming back again so I said maybe we should just leave it till she has completely finished  and then knock it off, the husband seems to think that once they have built the nest they then just go and leave it, so we will see and keep an eye on it over the weekend

The part that got me more than anything was the fact that she seemed to bring another hornet to help her look for the first nest that we knocked off, so I can only think that hornets have a memory and she seemed to be sniffing round where she thought the nest was, so does that mean they can smell...she certainly wasn't going to leave things as they were she was determined to build the nest where she had put the first I call that a bit spooky

So if there is anyone out there that knows about hornets and their habits please can you tell me 

I have just taken a couple of photo's of it but now can't find out how I get them from my phone to the computer, will have to wait for the husband to come in

To be cont :

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