Saturday, June 18, 2011


So the hubby and I went out this morning as we usually do on a Saturday, And everything was sort of going ok, I say sort of because I was looking for a dress and I couldn't find what i wanted...anyway i digress
We are walking along just looking in a couple of shops and suddenly my shoe broke.....You see I always wear flip flops, as anyone who knows me will know I hate wearing shoes so I wear flip flops these are black leather ones that I must admit are quite old, so there we are walking along and suddenly my right foot flip flop is no more, the bit that goes between the toe has come adrift, the husband ( ever the handy man ) say's....I can fix that for you petal, after he picked himself up from the side walk from laughing,I have some superglue in the car, so back to the car we go and he sticks it back again he has his uses, but now I am nervous because once they go they go and how ever much superglue or anything else you put on  the broken bit it is never the same ,
So I had to buy a new pair of flip flops, which wasn't a bad thing really it was something that I just kept putting off again anyone who knows me will know the trouble i always have buying new shoes as I am only a size 3... 3and a half in some shoes so I always have trouble you can guarantee that if i see something I like they never do it in my size that is part of the reason i always wear flip flop type

Off out with our friends down the mountain for Chinese tonight

Mark....see !... I knew you would be jealous of my pancake pan

To be cont :


  1. Blessings......
    Size 3? Goodness me, I don't think I was a size 3 even when I was 3. I have a friend who shops in the children's department for her shoes. No such luck on my part. I have big broad feet, in essence I have the same issues as you in finding shoes that is comfortable in my size only yours is because your foot is so small and mine is just the opposite.

    Enjoy your weekend and time with friends

  2. Hi Rhapsody

    Yes my feet are board as well I think it's because I have always walked about bare foot and they have spread, I even work bare footed

    Thanks for posting the comment
    Keep well
    Love as always
    Lo xxxx

  3. Hi Lo,
    Thank you for visit I found your comments in "Awaiting Moderation" my space.
    I has been a lots of problems for comment to my friends place, hopefully this one is okay?
    I can understand why you likes Flip Flap shoes..
    they are very comfortable to wear them.
    But size 3 is a bit too small for adult LOL!
    Have a nice day.

  4. Hurray! my comments is alright thought it is midnight in here that why?
    I go to the bed Lo,
    see you!

  5. Thank you Michiko yes size 3 is very small I am on 5ft 1in and I have always had very small feet
    Maybe in my last life I was Chinese or Japanese and had my feet bound
    My mother had size 3 feet and both my daughters have size 3 as well
    Love as always
    Lo xxxx

  6. Hi Lo just drifting by to say thanks for comment on my photos I haven't been getting round as much as I'd like so I walked the dogs twice to-day so I don't feel too guilty at giving myself about two hours to catch up, and over half an hour is gone already and I haven;t finished replying to my 'commenters. I too take size three in a shoe, but as I'm only 5,0 it;s about right, before I had the children it was a two, it was almost impossible to get shoes to fit and be stylish. and high heels were my passion, now it's comfort and style for high days and holidays.
    I see you've changed your background again, very 'citrusy' and glad you got your writing colours sorted, I love fiddling with my site, there are just so many super sites to browse through.
    Off to catch up with some more blogs, take care now. Arlene