Tuesday, June 21, 2011


What a day I had yesterday,

The husband was busy with  a few things and people and couldn't come shopping with me like he usually does so I went on my own, but things didn't go too well.....let me paint the picture for you

It all started Friday, when the guy who pays us ( well me ) for having an aerial on our roof for the Internet......He asks me how it has been .....very slow Say's I.....Yes he Say's we have a had a few complaints......I might add here it is not our fault or anything to do with the aerial, It is to do with Telefonica....the Spanish  equivalent to BT, we and others are paying for 10meg ( what ever that means ) but we are only getting about 7 /8 so our Internet is very slow, so he Say's do you know anyone who speaks good Spanish...Yes Say's I thinking of the dishy plumber / builder who is not, what I want he Say's is someone who will phone telefonica from your line here and give them a dressing down telling them you are not satisfied, I did it with someone else and about half an hour of phoning the meg went up
As we stood there talking about it the husband drove up, we repeated it all to him and he phoned dishy plumber builder who is not and asked if he would be willing to do this ( phone telefonica ) he said yes he would be happy to do it and arrangements were made for this to happen Monday morning....I leave the men to it and off I go to supermarket

Suddenly the temperature here shot up to over 90, now you know I don't like the heat  but had to do the shopping
In the supermarket it was soooo hot I don't know what had happened to their air con so everyone is walking around dripping with sweat,
I come to the isle where they have my breakfast bars and they have moved them they are up on a top shelf ( why do supermarkets put their top shelves so high )....It takes me ages to find someone who is tall enough to get them down for me....I carry on on my way and get the rest of the shopping can't wait to get out of there down to the car where I can put my air con on
I get to the till, and the girl on the till have a face on her that looks like she just sucked a lemon...buenos dias ( good day ) I say to her and make a fan sign with my hand under my chin....si ( yes ) she Say's but with no expression and then nothing else to back the " si " up....I carry on unloading the shopping onto the conveyor belt, I am trying to hurry as she is so quick and I want to get all my frozen stuff in a bag quickly before she helps me ....because they don't worry what they sling in together and i like to keep all the frozen stuff together.....As I pick up the bag of potatoes the bag splits and the spuds go all over the place....she helps me but still with this sower look on her face....we get all the spuds back in a bag she does the last bits I pay and I am on my way to the lift  to go down to the car park
I am unloading the shopping into the boot and I pick up a bag that has a couple of heavy bottles of soft drink in them plus the milk....The fucking bag splits and the bottles spill out but thankfully don't burst but one of the bottles and the broken bag gets caught on the shopping cart, so there I am trying to hold the bottles up so they don't fall on the floor and trying to unhook the broken bag that is caught on the cart
I get in the car and put the air con on full, then drive home..........
At home I have to unpack it all myself as the husband has now gone out....but now apart from the temp being nearly 100  and we don't have air con only in the salon there is a Kalema blowing ( a sand storm )....I unpack all the shopping and then strip off and sit in front of the fan

Later about 4pm the husband comes back and I ask him what the telephone man said this morn
He tells me that they say it is nothing to do with telefonica it is to do with the wires that were laid by the builder when the houses were built, and now in the cupboard where all these wires are along with the telefonica wire they have mice,...But these mice are fussy mice they have only eated the private wires not the telefonica wires....what a load of bull shit...the husband just excepts this and the guy has now gone he can be so gullible sometimes.....I said so he is telling you that the mice stood there in the cupboard and had a meeting and said ....now wait a minute boys, we better not eat the wires that telefonica put in here just eat the community ones......I couldn't believe that he just excepted this from the guy....So is he coming back I say....No he has finished here now,.......so I start dinner...and bugger me I am just going to dish up and the telefonica man comes back again this is 5pm, I don't want to see him because I don't have proper cloths on and I have not got my tooth in ( you remember I told you all about my tooth )So I hide in my salon at least I can put the air con on....he doesn't leave until nearly 7pm god knows what he was doing, he Say's again about the mice, but i don't know how he knows this because the wires in the cupboard are ok so the eaten ones if there is any are under the ground
Anyway he finally leaves and we are still no nearer to finding out what is wrong and to top it all I have half the bloody desert in the house........Am I pissed of .......I will leave you to answer that.....

To be cont :

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